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"A lot of artists can tell you how they feel," says Tim McGraw, "but when somebody can tell you how you feel, and you didn't know it or couldn't put it into words, that's the goal. What you want to do as an artist is let someone discover how they feel from your music, in a really visceral way, from the inside out." For twenty years, McGraw has been providing that kind of powerful connection with his audience. With Two Lanes of Freedom, his new album-and first release for Big Machine Records-the singer is covering his broadest emotional range yet, with a set of songs that looks forward and back, gets deep and gets loose, and reveals that even the biggest stars can continue to grow with consistency and maturity.

In his record-shattering career, McGraw has sold over 40 million albums, and dominated the charts with 32 Number One singles. Since the release of his debut album in 1993, he has won three Grammys, 14 Academy of Country Music Awards, 12 Country Music Association Awards, and 10 American Music Awards, while simultaneously maintaining a parallel career as a successful actor in such films as The Blind Side, Country Strong, and Friday Night Lights-as well as hosting Saturday Night Live, a rare honor for a singer in any genre. McGraw has never been afraid of breaking new ground; over the years, he has collaborated with musicians from Nelly to Tony Bennett to Def Leppard and Ne-Yo.

"I feel like I've progressed in my work, and I've gotten better," says McGraw. "On my last album, Emotional Traffic, I was discovering some new sounds and new things that I wanted to do, scratching the surface of the direction I wanted to head. This album was a way to reach a little further back, to all that I'd done throughout my career, and bring both sides together-it's a combination of that discovery, along with some rediscovery." Over the last few years, McGraw has seen a transformation in numerous aspects of his career: changes in his management, his record company, and his band. "All of those things make you reflect on where you've been," he says, "and it's hard to think about where you want to go until you look at where you've been. When you listen to this record, there's a lot of that reflection that drives everything forward. It's almost like two magnets, the future and the past, and when they get close to each other, it pushes them away. "I've always gone in the studio and tried to make the best record I could possibly make," he continues, "but to come into a situation where there's some weight lifted, some refreshment going on, you can feel that in the music. I think you can feel the horses gallop on this record, and where I might go and what I might do when my engines are revving." On Two Lanes of Freedom, the sense of nostalgia comes through on such classic-sounding tracks as "Annie, I Owe You a Dance" and the hard-driving single "One of Those Nights." The reverie of those songs, though, is countered by the humor and joy of "Southern Girl" or the feel-good hangover of "Mexicoma." McGraw maintains that it was the album's title track that really established the tone for the entire project. "When we cut 'Two Lanes of Freedom,' there was such a freshness to it," he says. "The track has this sort of Gaelic drive to it, with a synthesized didgeridoo and hurdy-gurdy. The song sets a palette for the whole record because it's so visual-it has that summery, hazy image, and I think that made the whole record open up for me." If the album addresses a set of classic themes in country music, part of the reason may be that it was recorded in a very traditional fashion. "We were in the studio for two weeks straight, from ten in the morning until eleven or twelve at night," says McGraw. "It was like the old days of making a record, like a bunch of guys going in a submarine and making music." But the sound that resulted, with hints of everything from rock to hip-hop to bluegrass, is hardly limited to the conventional country playbook. "I don't ever want to paint anybody into a box when we're in the studio," says the singer. "We want these guys to come in and bring everything they have to the table. After the sessions, I got an email from one of the musicians saying that it was such a great experience to be so free to make a record, and the greatest thing to me was this sense of freedom that all the musicians had." The strength and confidence in the musical settings helped McGraw reach some especially emotional depth in his performances on such songs as "Number 37405," the lament of a singer-turned-convict. Most powerful of all might be "Book of John," a wistful account of a family going through the journal left behind by its late patriarch. "I don't have a huge reservoir of what a father-son relationship is, I don't have a deep well to draw from," says McGraw. "I didn't know my father very well, had sort of a rocky relationship with my step-dad, and now I have all daughters. So that song spoke to me in an odd way-it came more out of the longing for that sort of relationship than from my own experience, and I think that shows up in how we cut the record and how I sang it." Two Lanes of Freedom closes with "The Highway Don't Care," a breezy yet complex track that features two of country music's biggest superstars, Taylor Swift and Keith Urban. "When I heard the song, I knew I wanted Taylor to sing on it," says McGraw. "And I've been looking for years for something to have Keith play on, because I think he's one of the best artists we have out there. He's a fantastic guitar player and he went to town on this thing-I would do this for a hundred bucks a night and never sing another lick if I could play guitar like that." The album begins and ends with images of the road, a scenario that Tim McGraw knows well and he's sure to embark on another sell-out tour supporting the new album in 2013.

On stage and on record, Tim McGraw remains dedicated to delivering music that is innovative, heartfelt, and authentic. "These songs are written and constructed in a way that people can impose their own memories and put themselves in your place, like going to a great movie and making yourself the hero," he says. "Art has to be cathartic; that's why people enjoy it. It makes you think or reflect, it purges you emotionally. That's what propels you as an artist, and it's what makes a listener stay engaged."

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49th annual academy of country music awards 060414
49th annual academy of country music awards 060414
49th annual academy of country music awards 060414
49th annual academy of country music awards 060414
49th annual academy of country music awards 060414

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Mammya's picture


Please read your emails on your sites!Wont post details here but Tim we love your and Faith!!We have KY DERBY PARTY MAY 3,we are 15-20 minutes from Churchill Downs and would love to see ya both!!!We have a band and more and would love for you to drop in for a song!!!We share the same birthday and same year!!!Dont pay attention to what they say about your hair thinning...A BALD MAN IS SEXY AND MATURE!!!I know this might be far fetch but hey a girl has to try!!Stop laughing so hard...Hope to see ya!!!

3 months 1 week ago
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my two cents's picture

my two cents

I'm pretty sure McGraw sleeps with a hat on. His head shape is the type that is unattractive when bald. Guys like that are SO insecure! Won't leave the house without a cap or hat on. .

7 years 6 months ago
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mississippideb's picture


I hope this email gets to Tim Mcgraw or Faith Hill, I have been trying since hurricane katrina to get some kind of help in rebuilding my home. The city torn it down in February, my house was considered a flood zone but my house was not in a flood zone, but because some of your property is in it your are considered a flood zone which I never understood until the storm hit, we have never had water anywhere near my house for Camille or any other storm, we had the minimal amount of insurance in case we ever got a little water. We have been devastated with this storm, we lost everything, and are pentalized because we have worked our whole life, my husband is retiring in 24 days, and we are living in a fema trailer. We had no help from fema or grants, because we work and had the minimal insurance, We have taken out a SBA loan for 30 years and since the building cost and contractor cost has tripled we are not even going to be able to half finish our new house, I was wondering if you could send me some kind of information on your fund and hope that we fall into some of the catagories for help in some way,It seems like the government only wants to help the people that never worked or took responsibility for their families, I admire the help for the elderly but the young people that are as able to work as I have been all my life seem to be the ones getting the help. The sad part is when a lot of them get fema money they are our buying drugs, jewlery and cars, We lost our home, pool, shop and all contents and I feel like i'm the one discriminted against. Please let me know if there is any organizations out there that would help us.Thank you so much for you time and wonderful work you are doing. May God Bless youDeborah Howardmississippideb@cableone.netPascagoula, Ms

7 years 8 months ago
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Mcgraw maniac's picture

Mcgraw maniac

Tim Mcgraw is STILL the best man country music has had in decades. He is a REAL star as he is humble, giving and willing to share his love of music with the world. He shows COMPASSION and CHARACTER on and off stage and THAT is what truly makes a STAR. So for those of you who compare him to a plastic barbie doll or make fun of his hats... the clothes don't make the man. Perhaps you should spend less time looking at mirrors and more time looking at people's qualities and good deeds for the world around them.

7 years 2 months ago
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Bounds's picture


Hello. My Name is Phyllis Mitchell and the mother of Tara Bounds which has Downs Syndrome. I have gotten tickets for her to see you Tim on August 3rd in New Orleans. It will be her 30th birthday and I am surprising her with the concert. I was wondering if I would be able to get passes for her to meet you. This would make a special young lady have a very happy birthday and her most memorable birthday. Please contact me. pt-mitchell@hotmail.

1 year 9 months ago
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tim fan's picture

tim fan

Who is the young boy with Tim and Faith?

4 years 7 months ago
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ColinHunt's picture


Tim McGraw may be handsome, which accounts for most of his fans, but his singing is average and his films are VERY average, however, there is no accounting for taste and I would not dare challenge his loyal fans.HOWEVER, if he must conform to the plastic sterotype image of a country signer then at least wear a decent looking stetson. His black stetson may be expensive but it always looks like a cheap plactic giveaway hat you get at Coney Island or a carnival. He may be successful by being the country singer equivalent of a barbie doll but he should not take the plastic image too far!!

7 years 6 months ago
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