Tim McGraw generally seems nice enough, but the country star is very protective of his personal space. Case in point: his most recent gig in Atlanta, when a fan tried to get a little too close for comfort. The video, shared by TMZ, shows McGraw walking down the stage, singing his 2013 hit Truck Yeah, with fans cheering and waving their hands about all around him, as you do.

Tim McGraw
Tim Mcgraw's presence inspires some extreme reactions in his (mostly female) fanbase.

One overeager fan is then seen grabbing McGraw’s leg, then getting even closer and, as the folks at TMZ put it, may have reached for his “junk”. That alone could have earned her a sexual assault charge in another setting, so the excited McGraw fan should be pretty happy with just getting kicked out of the gig. Presumably, touching below the belt is strictly reserved for Faith Hill. 

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So McGraw did what anyone would do when touched inappropriately. Without missing a beat, he slapped the woman away, before a security guard stepped in to take her away from the stage. It’s a pretty grainy video, but the guard’s interference, at the very least, is unmistakable. 

Tim McGraw
Is it the hat? It's probably the hat.

In conclusion, it’s pretty easy to get carried away in the crowd, but some things are never ok, even when it’s a celebrity. Also, don’t mess with Tim McGraw, apparently. Dude has some muscle behind him.