Pop beauty Rachel Stevens has been secretly seeing her ex-boyfriend - just days after splitting up from her actor fiance Jeremy Edwards.

The former S CLUB babe is being comforted by property developer DANIEL COHEN and pals reckon it would be "no surprise" if the couple became an item.

Daniel says, "I have seen Rachel on a number of occasions recently.

"I'm not the reason for Rachel's split with Jeremy. Rachel and I remained close after we split up.

"We carried on speaking on the phone even though we weren't going out together any more.

"I even met Rachel socially a few times while she was in the company of Jeremy. She's an absolute darling, someone I haven't a bad word to say about.

"Jeremy was very much in love with Rachel. But if anyone was the driving force behind their relationship it was Rachel. I was surprised as anyone when I saw in a newspaper that they had split up."

24/08/2003 14:31