Rachel Stevens found lockdown ''scary'' at first.

The 42-year-old singer admits that when the country went into lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic at the end of March, she struggled with the ''unknown'' and the ''massive change''.

She said: ''At the beginning it was scary, the uncertainty and worrying about family. It was such a massive change so quickly, the unknown really. Then it was trying to create some sort of structure at home, because having children and home school and all that craziness, was really hard.''

Rachel has ''always'' got music on in her house and her children - Amelie, nine, and Minnie, six - have got the singing bug.

She added: ''We've always got music on in our house, my kids have now got the buzz. Amalie's definitely wants to be a singer, that's going to be her career.''

And when it comes to her own music, Rachel says she would ''think about'' doing more music in the future.

She shared to the MailOnline: ''Music is such a big part of our lives. I haven't recorded for ages, but it comes up now and again, I talk about it and think about it. There's potential that I might want to do some more shows, or music of some kind, I just don't know what way yet.''

Meanwhile, Rachel previously insisted she doesn't feel her age, though getting older has made her more confident.

She said: ''It's lovely that people still view me as a sex symbol. But I definitely feel like I've got more confident and sexier as I've got older. Your body is always changing, which is great, but you know more what you want out of life, too, and that inner confidence gives you more sexiness. It makes you feel more confident and that's where it comes from.''