Actor Michael K. Williams fears the rise in shark attacks around the globe is related to the popularity of diving with the creatures.
The star of cult TV shows The Wire and Boardwalk Empire hired a team of specialists to take him on a thrilling deep-sea adventure while he was shooting a new show in Cape Town, South Africa, and though he enjoyed the experience, it left him feeling sorry for the big fish.
Williams is now convinced the practice is a form of animal cruelty and he'll never dive with sharks again.
He says, "I thought that was not cool how they tease the sharks with chunks (of meat). These animals are not stupid; they're like, 'I'm gonna remember you humans, the first chance I get, I'm gonna eat you.'
"And they (the divers) throw in these chunks of blood and guts in the water and then they put (in) a piece of wood that looks like a penguin, how cruel is that? It's like dangling a Chick-fil-A (fried chicken sandwich) in front of me."