Jade Bird penned her entire second album pre-lockdown.

The 'I Get No Joy' singer had to ''frustratingly'' sit on her follow-up to her acclaimed 2019 self-titled debut - which reached the top 10 in the UK - due to the coronavirus pandemic, but she's teased that fans can expect the songs to have a ''rootsy simplicity'' to them when the record is released.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Jade said: ''Frustratingly I wrote it all before lockdown and even started recording before I had to return home to sit on them basically.

''Sometimes it's all worth the wait that's what I keep telling myself.''

Asked about the direction of her upcoming LP, she said: ''It's always song-first but with this album even more so.

''There's a rootsy simplicity to it all and a fun optimism to counter the sadder songs. I can't give too much away.''

Jade wrote the album after a ''dry'' spell.

She said: ''I started to join my friends in Flyte's songwriting group where various people sent in one song a day just to stay creative.

''I got to about 20 and then the well went dry.

''It's like that sometimes, it was a week before I wrote my whole record.''

The 22-year-old star has had her gigs cancelled but has found new ways of getting her music out into the world.

One of them was by performing virtually for the first-ever Re:Surface live event by Microsoft Surface last month.

She said: ''I think the idea of trying to create a new format, a new way of doing things ... I love live music, and playing live, but trying to use technology to actually evolve it as well, and give people opportunities to experience a gig who may not normally be able to - due to location, disability or opportunity - feels really exciting.''

Today (24.06.20), Microsoft Surface launches the Re:Surface Blueprint: a set of free workshops and how-to guides giving UK artists and musicians the tools and knowledge to bring back their cancelled performances online.

Go to www.youtube.com/microsoftuk on June 30 at 7.30pm BST to see Jade and her band, along with members of the production team that helped 'uncancel' her show, provide a behind-the-scenes look into the gig and take part in a live Q&A session.