Review of Pineapple Pizza Album by Death By Unga Bunga

Taking their name from an album by The Mummies, Death By Unga Bunga are a quintet from Moss, Norway.  Formed in 2007, their debut album followed three years later and this is now their fourth release.  

Death By Unga Bunga Pineapple Pizza Album

After an introductory track with a retro feel, 'I Can't Believe That We're Together' presents DBUB as a garage rock act, not dissimilar from Scandinavian compatriots The Hives - even with some howling vocals akin to Howlin' Pelle Almqvist and catchy guitar lines.  'Best Friends' drops the pace a touch, before 'I Can't Hide' recaptures the imagination, particularly with the hook harmonies.

There are similarities to the fictional band The Wonders from a Tom Hanks film - and the songs rival 'That Thing You Do' for catchiness.  Another example of this is 'Strangers From The Sky', which edges toward punk, while 'Wasting Time' is a slice of frantic rock and roll.  By the time the closing 'Young Girls' has provided another energetic blast, you've been treated to more than a few catchy numbers that are enjoyable and easily digestible.  There's a question mark over longevity for the songs, but from the perspective of instant gratification, this does the job more than adequately.

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