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Kaiser Chiefs
Yours Truly, Angry Mob
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Kaiser Chiefs Yours Truly Album

Dear music fan,

Whilst somewhat resembling marmite the Kaiser Chiefs return with their second album yours truly, angry mob. (YTAM)

Now, love them or hate them you have to admit that their 2005 offering employment was a good album. You might not have liked every track, but there were at least a few you liked and couldn't get out of your head.

No? There must have been otherwise why are you reading this?

Anyway inquisitive curiosity aside YTAM follows in similar footsteps to those that their first album cast. Sound wise the development and progression is refreshing to hear; more mature in sound - the fast paced indie disco classics have been replaced with more structured indie pop and the sound is cleaner and more complex.

Now even though 'Everything is average nowadays' is the definitive sound-alike link between the two records, the rest have seen a steady evolution whilst still displaying the Kaisers fondness for witty lyrics and foot stomping tunes.

Yes, the instruments they play are more expensive, the production is crisper but they're still grounded working class lads from Leeds. They've not been inflated by critical or commercial success and I really think that has helped keep the backbone of the music.

'Ruby' their first number one single got everyone interested, 'The angry mob' will keep you listening and further offerings will make this as popular as the first album. Similar to employment both albums have their highs and not so highs, but the album is definitely a hit. Now as mentioned the direction is slightly different, but the already varied sound, replacement of the elongated outros with complex strings and keys and a welcome song where drummer Nick fronts are all nice additions.

So whatever you think about the band or their first album, check out the new record; if you're already a fan you probably have, if you haven't yet you really should.

Yours truly,

Adam Adshead

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