Kaiser Chiefs' forthcoming album is filled with ''instant hits''.

The English indie rock band, which is fronted by former 'The Voice' judge Ricky Wilson - are set to release their new LP 'Stay Together' on October 7 and is filled with tracks they believe will be an instant success in the charts.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, the 'Ruby' hitmakers said: ''We weren't into making a guitar record this time. We wanted to remember our ethos [...] When we wrote our first record, all we wanted to do was to play festivals where everyone remembered us. To do that we had to write what sounded to us like instant hits.

''I think somewhere along the way of our career we forgot this is what we love doing. So on this record we've gone back to writing songs that when people hear them for the first time they go, 'I know this and I am enjoying it and don't care who the band is. I like it.'''

And Wilson, which is also made up of Andrew White, Simon Rix, Nick Baines, and Vijay Mistry - believe the reason the group are so successful is because they still have ''fun'' together.

Wilson said: ''We just enjoy it and have fun together. And nothing actually catastrophic has happened to us. We've done all right and we are still here and that's how we will continue. Just seeing what comes next.''