Review of True Loves Album by Hooray For Earth

'Under a world of sound' just seems like a meaningless lyric on the surface of title track, 'True Loves.' But it's an important phrase, serving to sum up the implanted roots of Hooray For Earth's core sound. The band have looked and embraced everywhere to capture a unique noise for them to stand by. Neil Heroux may be the innovation behind this band; he wrote, recorded and produced this full-length record. But his band mates have given Hooray the live sound simulation that they are made for. Their live shows are very driven, having seen them support Alex Clare at XOYO last year; they bring bliss to the room. It's good to see they've made this clear in their studio sound.

Hooray For Earth True Loves Album

Their namesake may sound like an enthusiastic earthly protest but somehow there's something darker under all the uplift. 'Realize It's Not The Sun.' The bottomless synths are moody and menacing with tribal beats pasted on top. Although they've been electrically brought up to the 21st century, there's still something natural about them. 'Pulling Back' is another mystery, 40 seconds of sweeping noises mount the fizzing underlay before the gasping breath to finish, which resembles the kind you make when you've awoken from a nightmare. See? It's unpredictably dark in places.

In terms of comparisons, MGMT spring to mind with all the groovy electro effects and simple lyricism like in 'No Love' and 'Last Minute.' It's an exciting listen and not too OTT. The clappy beat and high pitched 70's style chorus of 'Bring Us Closer Together' make it sound is like a reject from 'Fame.' Failing that, it could also make a good soundtrack for a holiday ad, you know the 'family-fun holiday camp' style. It's pumped and raring to go, with Hooray's energy channelling in waves. Okay, that one might be a little OTT. But, it's a decent pop proposal, sounding free and to be honest, it sounds like it's already been in the top 20. The rhythm of 'Sails' snaps and cracks to give a little more than conventional beat. The synths try to glorify themselves as they tremble, shielding themselves from the thumps.

This album's got a lot going for it, more so than expected. Let's just hope everyone will be giving three cheers (and one for luck) for Hooray's 'True Loves.'


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