Review of Heavy in your Arms Single by Florence and the Machine

To say Florence and the Machine has had a great year would be an understatement. With broken records and multi-award wins, Florence is ready to release their second album next year. To keep fans at bay, their new single Heavy in Your Arms, was originally made for the new Twilight: Eclipse movie, but it is obvious that this track was too good to be hidden away on a soundtrack album.

Florence and the Machine Heavy in your Arms Single

Haunting and sombre, this is probably one of the darker offerings from the band. Starting off very unusually with gentle synths, the track builds as the song progresses. The melancholic tone of the song fits perfectly with Florence's vocals, of which reach monumental heights at the song's climax. Ironically, as Florence chants 'heavy' in the chorus, the melody itself drudges along with weight, with a very heavy drum bass in tow. This song may have been perfect for Twilight with its gothic and haunting elements, but if any experience is to go by, this track will also be a huge success across the airways and within the concert arenas.

Whilst this may be a more unconventional and darker tone for the band (not so much in comparison to their first LP but relative to previous singles released), this is sure to be another notch on the bedpost for them. With lingering vocals and an eerie melody, this track goes beyond the supernatural to create something purely magical. Halloween may have just passed us by, but prepare to get goosebumps by this one.

5 / 5

Nima Baniamer

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