Review of Renegades (Special Edition Re-issue) Album by Feeder

It seems to be the age of the re-issue, one that Feeder have embraced with their seventh studio album from 2010 'Renegades'. Unlike other album re-issues out there, though, this is not a special anniversary release. The simple fact is that before now you could no longer buy this album either physically or digitally.

Feeder Renegades (Special Edition Re-issue) Album

'Renegades' is everything that guitar music should be, with Feeder blasting out some amazing riffs and hooks. This album could introduce a whole new fan base, and at the same time there are some added tracks to satisfy the Feeder faithful who have been following them since the early nineties.

If you want an in-your-face, loud record then this is perfect; the first three tracks shake your head around to near explosion. 'White Lies' and 'Call Out' feature thrashing guitars and crashing cymbals that almost feel like a statement from Feeder showing that there is nothing mainstream about this album and they're embracing their grunge roots. The title track keeps that high energy, guitar-celebrating party going.

After all that rampant noise, 'Down To The River' takes things right down and shows a slightly different side to Feeder - albeit a short-lived one: enter the shattering sounds of 'Home'. 'Left Foot Right' is another highlight. There is no sense to this rip-roaring tune but it is brilliant Feeder madness.

An added bonus to the album is the collection of B-Sides such as 'Fallen' and 'Sending Out Waves', as well as various bonus tracks.

Feeder are back to their best on this record and it's only right that we all get a chance to be able to get our hands on it once again. Sometimes re-issues can be purely a money making scheme, but this is simply a service that music fans needed.