Review of Feeder live at the Kasbah in Coventry

We settle in a venue at the darkest depths that Coventry has to offer to see a band that started way back in 1991. That is an achievement in itself - this is a band still together and not on a money making reunion tour.


We are set to see Feeder showcase some new, yet to be released material. Yes, the new album is on the way and there is a tour to go with it. Tonight is a sell out in The Kasbah and the atmosphere is building with the anticipation of what is set to come from the two piece.

This is a band that does not shy away; with Grant Nicholas taking the stage on his own and banging out an acoustic version of 'Children Of The Sun' which goes down a storm. Will this be acoustic on the album? We will only find this out when the album is released. Feeder go straight into another new one with 'Oh My' and as someone watching this, I was left intrigued and ready to welcome the band's new tracks with open arms.

Naturally with their back catalogue there were always going to be some classics slipped in between the new songs with the amazing 'Feeling A Moment' and 'Just The Way I'm Feeling', not to mention a certain 'Buck Rodgers'!

The band then introduces one song that we have all heard: the new single 'Borders'. The reaction of the crowd just said it all, even without saying anything. For an artist, that must be a great feeling.

Grant spoke quite a bit before playing, 'Generation Freakshow', the last song of the night but simply decided to conclude his spiel with the words "I will just shut the f**k up now and play the song". This was the highlight of the new material, quite simply as it reminded of Feeder's early material.

With nearly half of the set consisting of new material you could argue Feeder had a backup plan of sorts in the shape of their encore. In my opinion, they didn't need a backup plan but I'm glad that they did. And what a perfect encore it was: we were treated to 'High', with The Kasbah erupting into a singalong. A brilliant end to a brilliant night.


Mark Moore

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