Twenty-five years and still going strong, Feeder prove their lasting relevance by showcasing their distinctive back catalogue at Rock City, Nottingham. Following their stellar latest album 'All Big Electric', maybe it is just the right time for a "Best Of" tour, giving them a chance to play a few numbers that you wouldn't normally hear live. 


Feeder take to the stage and immediately blast out 'Feeling A Moment' followed by 'Shatter', straight away showing that they are playing what they want to play tonight and when they want to play it. The energy of the band and the crowd is just perfect; with 'High', dedicated to the late drummer Jon Lee, they could have just played the music and left the singing to the Nottingham crowd. It's a perfect sing-a-long tribute, even if it does leave a lump in the throat.

This show even features the likes of 'Stereo World' and 'Piece by Piece'; songs that haven't been heard on the live circuit since 2001. The more commercial songs like 'Come Back Around' and Buck Rogers' go down just as well as 'Insomnia', 'Cement' and 'Tender'. It's a mixture formulated to perfection, the highlight being 'My Perfect Day'. What a tune.

The encore sees acoustic versions of 'Silent Cry' and 'Children Of The Sun'; a calm repose before the crowd loses control to 'Yesterday Went To Soon', 'Seven Days In The Sun' and, of course, the eagerly anticipated 'Just A Day'.

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