Review of Tallulah Album by Feeder

It must make those who have followed these guys from the start feel old, coming to the realisation that Feeder have been going longer than some of their new growing fan base have been born. Only two years ago Feeder were celebrating their 25th anniversary together, the whole thing seems bonkers.

Feeder Tallulah Album

The thing is since Feeder came back in 2016 from a four year absence, they haven't come back trying to change the wheel. They know what they are good at, and they know what works.

On 'Tallulah', Grant Nicholas and Taka Hirose seem to have that burning connection again, and it's clear that they are making music because it's what they love. It doesn't come from a desire to be loved by everybody; they already know they have a loyal fanbase after 27 years of work.

From 'Tallulah', three songs were released before the anticipated album. 'Youth', 'Daily Habit' and 'Fear of Flying' provide an insight into the album that these guys have no intention of mellowing out; it's as dynamic as ever thanks to Taka's high energy bass mixed with Grant's guitar riffs and clever songwriting, all intertwining into something very Feederish.

Title track 'Tallulah' has a bit of 'Comfort in Sound' feel to it isn't a bad thing; it was one of their biggest albums after all. 'Shapes and Sounds' demonstrates that trademark intelligent songwriting; Grant Nicholas is one of the most underrated songwriters out there and deserves to be celebrated in his hometown like the Noel Gallagher, James Dean Bradfield and Alex Turner of their respective cities. 'Kyoto' sees a heavier side which is something Feeder have had in their locker from the early days, and its refreshing to hear that high energy sound from the guys again.

'Hollow Lonely Day' marks the end of the album; a lovely acoustic number much like the cool down after a game. After pulsating beats, we need something a little more chilled to bring us back to normality.

Guitar music will never die while albums like 'Tallulah' are around as an inspiration to the younger generation.