Review of All Bright Electric Album by Feeder

Following frontman Grant Nicholas' solo stint, Feeder have reconvened to release their ninth studio album, 20 years after their breakthrough EP.  Promotion of the release will come by way of a month-long tour, which is to begin imminently and is the band's first tour in four years.

Feeder All Bright Electric Album

For a thunderous riff to grab attention, look no further than the opening 'Universe Of Life', a track that goes some way to dispelling the disappointing material on recent Feeder releases.  'Eskimo' is more melodic, though not to the level that was perhaps the band's most accessible just over a decade ago, while 'Geezer' is surprisingly ineffective, given the electro-stomp at its foundation.  The urgency of 'Paperweight' makes it decent enough, while 'Oh Mary' aims for sincerity, but ultimately flounders.  Almost from nowhere, 'The Impossible' threatens to thrill with some of the band's old magic, while 'Another Day On Earth' is a piano-based number that shows Nicholas can still nail a more subtle performance and wrap it up in a serene melody.

It couldn't be argued that the band are back to their best, with filler tracks particularly after the half-way point of the album, but this is certainly a couple of notches up from 2012's 'Generation Freakshow'.

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