Review of Star Tiger Star Ariel Album by Delays

There are some bands that smash out a brilliant debut album, get hit with of hype from the media and then inevitably don't have the material on the second album to follow it up. Delays were one of the bands who found themselves labeled a 'hype band' but they've managed to deliver 4 worthy and consistent albums.

Delays Star Tiger Star Ariel Album

'Star Tiger Star Ariel' is album the fourth album from the Southampton based four piece and from the off you know they are back on form. 'Find A Home (New Forest Shaker) almost lures you into a false sense of security it is mellow with mesmerizing vocal that accompanies the whirring electronics and gentle keys.

What is great about this album is that it is addictive yet The Delays have managed to avoid many of the commercial traits most bands generally succumb to. When you hear Greg's vocals on 'Shanghai' one minute he is ripping the back of his throat and then the next singing as high pitched as he can, but this is also enforced with the spiraling guitars and you can imagine Colin shaking the guitar as his raps the strings. The diverseness of this album is only shown more with 'Rhapsody' is there no end to the vocal range on this album? The keyboards really bleed through this track to make it what it is.

'In Brilliant Sunshine' is one of the more anthemic moments on the album and whilst in its own right it's a strong track, it doesn't seem to sit quite correctly on Star Tiger Star Ariel. The mix of ballads and rock continue, 'Moments Gone' is a soulful and minimal ballad whilst the next song 'Lakes Can Be Lethal' simply put, rocks out. The Delays end with the title track and yes it's a perfect high to finish on.

If you want something that is loud, but not too heavy, addictive but not something you would expect to hear on a local radio then 'Star Tiger Star Ariel' by the Delays is the album for you.


Mark Moore

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