Review of Look Out Watch Out Album by Deep Street Soul

Australian band Deep Street Soul are certainly keeping the funk alive and well down under with 'Look Out Watch Out', released on Freestyle Records. This hard hitting, raw and stripped down funk band are keeping the spirit of the 'The Meters' alive. With the traditional sound of the Hammond by Monique Boggia, slick guitar licks by Neil Boland, a cool backline from Papa J Hunter and Agostio Soldati and strong, sassy vocals from new vocalist May Johnston this is a purist band indeed. 

Deep Street Soul Look Out Watch Out Album

'Look Out Watch Out' has a balance of instrumentals and vocal songs, mainly performed by Johnston although other featured vocalists are Randa Khamis and sweeter vocals from Roxie Rays. All the vocals are delivered well and work really well with the band. What I really like about this band is the gritty attitude and punchy delivery. Anyone into Sly and Family Stone, The Meters or Funkadelic could get into this. It's very musical and edgy.

I liked this album but maybe that's because I'm a lover of guitar music and raw funk. It's quite a predictable sound if you know the influences, however, they do it well. There are some strong vocals and good musical arrangements to keep it loose and funky. Deep Street Soul is certainly keeping the funk alive and for some who've never heard this sound before it could be exactly what they're looking for. For me it was nice to see that some bands are still representing the raw edge of funk! Not bad.

Tareck Ghoneim

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