Review of Thinking In Textures EP by Chet Faker

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Chet Faker is the alias of Nick Murphy and chosen as a tribute to Chet Baker after Murphy found an artist had already carved out a music career with the same name. This EP is his debut release after his cover of a Blackstreet tune topped the chart of Hype Machine.

Chet Faker Thinking In Textures EP

The vibe created by Chet Faker is such an amalgamation of genres that the title 'Thinking In Textures' becomes very appropriate, even during opening track 'I'm Into You'. Electro-chill out is a loose description of what you'll find, but there are also pop hooks and understated vocals that are difficult not to surrender to - a unique cocktail to say the least. Funk tones underline 'Terms And Conditions', whilst the aforementioned cover of 'No Diggity' bravely strips away the piano riff and completely reworks the track. It isn't better than the original, but it works in its own sultry way. The eerie synth piece and upbeat guitars to 'Cigarettes And Chocolate' are as different as the items in the title, yet the combination and sampled vocals are again a winning formula for a track that will get you gently grooving along. Whilst this may not be everyone's cup of tea, it would be hard to deny the talent of Chet Faker in creating a laid back soundtrack which is ideal to unwind to.

Alex Lai

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