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18th February 2015

Quote: "I was always conscious that life was finite and was interested in gloomy things like death and ghosts and cemeteries. I was just a really crazy child. When you are aware you will die one day you appreciate life all the more and really live it to the fullest." Birdman star Emma Stone was aware of her mortality from a young age.

16th January 2015

Quote: "I was dead asleep. Out cold. Really, good, deep, deep sleep... I heard the phone ringing... My brother Paul was on the other end." Michael Keaton reveals he found out about his Oscar nomination for Birdman when his brother called him to discuss the exciting news.

9th January 2015

Quote: "I did Shakespeare once and there's part of me that wants to do a little bit of that again because it was so challenging. Not to say I'm this great Shakespearean actor, because I'm not - but it was so fun to try. I'd like some minor part. I'm too lazy to take on a major role." Birdman star Michael Keaton is keen to get back onstage.

31st December 2014

Quote: "I'd be totally full of it if I said I hadn't thought about it... Of course I think about it, it's extremely flattering." Michael Keaton admits he is dreaming of an Oscar nomination for his acclaimed film Birdman.

15th October 2014

Quote: "She's got a solid perspective on things. I would love to have her as a daughter." Michael Keaton is a big fan of his Birdman co-star Emma Stone.

21st November 2012

Fact: Rap mogul Birdman joined forces with his brother and Cash Money Records co-founder Ronald 'Slim' Williams on Tuesday (20Nov12) to hand out free turkeys to locals in their native New Orleans, Louisiana in the spirit of America's Thanksgiving holiday (22Nov12).

19th January 2011

Fact: Hip-hop mogul BRYAN 'Birdman' WILLIAMS is $20,000 (£13,330) richer after betting American football team the Green Bay Packers would triumph over rapper Gucci Mane's beloved Atlanta Falcons in Saturday's (15Jan11) play-off game. The Wisconsin team beat the Falcons 48 to 21 to take them one step closer to playing in the Super Bowl championships in February (11).

21st July 2010

Quote: "Wayne (is) in good (spirits), taking it one day at a time. Everybody there supporting him. The whole family there, we there every week. We write, send him pictures, do everything the family supposed to do. We just taking it day by day, working hard, because that's what he drive on. That's what we do." Lil Wayne's mentor and label boss Birdman tells the incarcerated rapper has the support of his whole Cash Money Records family as he serves time for gun possession.


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