Review of Hacia Lo Salvaje Album by Amaral

Considered one of Spain's top acts by Rolling Stone, Amaral sings about personal liberation and strength through independence. Even if one doesn't understand the group's Spanish lyrics, the feelings come through Hacia Lo Salvaje's music. Utilizing rolling drumbeats and hard driving, distorted guitars, Amaral, lead by Eva Amaral on guitars and vocals and Juan Aguirre on guitars and backing vocals, offers up an uplifting and anthemic soundtrack.

Amaral Hacia Lo Salvaje Album

From the opening track "Hacia lo salvaje," about a girl who leaves home chosing to learn from the wild savage world to the dark "Si las calles pudieran hablar" describing a young girl from the southside of town who suffers through pain and fear and fades into obscurity, Amaral's songs are filled with characters plowing through the difficulties and adventures of life and always seeking to survive.

The group generally employs a mid-tempo rock sound with electric guitars providing a heavy layer upon a solid bass and drum foundation. Bright and heavy 70's style riffs trade off with vocals to highlight melodies as on "Hoy es el principio final" and clever keyboard bits add some depth and interest as on "La montaña russa."

Production by Juan de Dios and Amaral offers a balanced, rich and clear sound that allows Eva Amaral's voice to be the focal point. Her sweet, yet powerful voice is the perfect female rocker sound that adds a dose of strength and sense of wisdom to these stories of the search for meaning and liberty.

Francisco H. Ciriza

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