Review of Behold A Pale Horse EP by Aaron Wright and The Aprils

Never judge a book by its cover that's what we are all told and yet unconsciously we do, it's in our nature we can't help it. When you look at the front cover of the 'Behold A Pale Horse' EP you straight away think "hello, we have a bit of a Brokeback Mountain going on here. The opener 'Origami Me' puts all those thoughts to bed luckily. And Aaron Wright & The Aprils show their intentions with lyrics like "Fuck you I'll take my asbo with me' and although the main stream of the song is a piano looping over and over this is quite addictive actually.

Aaron Wright and The Aprils Behold A Pale Horse EP

There is a quirky feel throughout the EP which you can't help to like, and yet at the same time you wouldn't be too embarrassed to admit to that fact.


Mark Moore

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