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The Night Before Review


This blending of the stoner bromance with the Christmas comedy works surprisingly well, layering gross-out humour with holiday sentimentality. So it's a bit of a shame that the script is thin and ultimately rather pointless. There are observations about the nature of friendship and maturity, but nothing very deep. But along the way, the cast and crew pack in a riotous sense of humour that mainly centres on drugs and genitalia, plus a whiff of Christmas magic.

The movie centres on three best buddies in New York: Ethan, Isaac and Chris (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen and Anthony Mackie). Over the past several years, they've celebrated Christmas together with a series of traditions including karaoke, Chinese food and loudly festive sweaters. But now Isaac's wife Betsy (Jillian Bell) is about to give birth to their first child, and Chris' pro-football career is beginning to take off. So this will be their last Christmas Eve together, and they plan to make it an epic one. Ethan has secured tickets to New York's most exclusive secret holiday party, which he learns that his not-quite-ex girlfriend Diana (Lizzy Caplan) is attending. Meanwhile, Betsy has given Isaac a box of drugs for a last blow-out, and Chris scores a stash of weed from a mythical dealer (Michael Shannon).

The premise is certainly packed with possibility, and the filmmakers have a ball with the druggy excesses as the night unfolds, including wildly anarchic set-pieces that throw these likeable characters into all kinds of messy situations. The three lead actors make the most of their roles, adding layers of complexity that aren't in the script while indulging in rampant silliness at every turn. And the supporting cast are up for it as well, fully committing to the movie's crazed atmosphere. There are also hilarious extended cameos from James Franco and Miley Cyrus.

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Tracy Morgan Makes Triumphant Return To 'Saturday Night Live'

Tracy Morgan Tina Fey Alec Baldwin Saturday Night Live

Tracy Morgan has made a triumphant return to his former home of ‘Saturday Night Live’, hosting the show just over a year after being involved in a fatal car accident which killed his best friend and left him fighting for his life. The comedian showed he is well and truly back as he hosted the long-running sketch show, with a little help from his ’30 Rock’ pals.

Tracy MorganTracy Morgan has made his return to live TV, hosting ‘SNL’.

"People are wondering, 'Can he speak? Does he have 100 percent mental capacity? But the truth is, I never did! I might actually be a few points higher now,” Morgan said, opening the show.

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Christina Hendricks Will Reportedly Join Ice Cube For 'Fist Fight'

Christina Hendricks Ice Cube Charlie Day Tracy Morgan

Former ‘Mad Men’ actress Christina Hendricks is reportedly in talks to join comedy Fist Fight, starring Ice Cube and Charlie Day. According to The Hollywood Reporter Hendricks is in negotiations with New Line to star in the comedy, which begins production this month.

Christina HendricksChristina Hendricks will reportedly join Ice Cube in Fist Fight.

Hendricks is said to be up for the role of a drama teacher who has a crush on Ice Cube’s character. The film follows two very opposite teachers (played by Cube and ‘It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s’ Day) who work in a run-down school system and end up challenging each other to a fist fight.

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67th Primetime Emmy Awards - Press Room

Tracy Morgan , Megan Wollover - 67th Primetime Emmy Awards - Press Room at Microsoft Theater at LA Live, Primetime Emmy Awards, Emmy Awards - Los Angeles, California, United States - Monday 21st September 2015

Tracy Morgan and Megan Wollover
Tracy Morgan and Megan Wollover

Tracy Morgan Walks Down The Aisle To Wed Fiancee Megan Wollover

Tracy Morgan

’30 Rock’ star Tracy Morgan has married his fiancée Megan Wollover, fourteen months after he suffered severe injuries in a highway crash which kill one of his best friends. Morgan had said that he had been putting his nuptials on hold until he was physically able to make it down the aisle on his own.

tracy morgan Tracy Morgan has married his fiancée Megan Wollover.

Morgan walked down the aisle without even a cane on Sunday night, in what was described as an emotional ceremony, "After almost losing Tracy last year, I am so grateful to finally be married to the love of my life," Wollover told People magazine.

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Tracy Morgan To Make His Return To TV Hosting An Episode Of 'Saturday Night Live'

Tracy Morgan Miley Cyrus Amy Schumer Saturday Night Live

Over a year after the horrific car crash that severely injured him and killed his friend and fellow comedian James McNair, Tracy Morgan is due to make his big return to TV by hosting an episode of ‘Saturday Night Live’ in October.

The ’30 Rock’ star and former ‘SNL’ cast member will be hosting the show for the second time in his career on Saturday October 17th, the third show of the upcoming 41st season. The NBC show confirmed the news via its official Twitter feed on Monday (August 17th), also stating that Miley Cyrus and the in-demand comedienne Amy Schumer would also be hosting the first two episodes.

Tracy MorganTracy Morgan with his wife in 2014

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Accidental Love Trailer

Alice Eckle is a roller-skating waitress deeply in love with Indiana State Trooper Scott. Before the two can get engaged, however, Eckle suffers a severe accident with a nail gun and gets a nail lodged deep in her skull. Unfortunately for her, she doesn't have any health insurance so she is forced to walk away from hospital without any surgery to remove it. In the meantime, she suffers brain damage which causes her to have mood swings, an increased sex drive and unpredictable behaviours. Needless to say, Scott is less than keen on the idea of marrying her now. No matter though, Alice appears to have other things on her mind; she wants to meet young Congressman Howard Birdwell to show her support for his proposition of beginning a healthcare bill. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to have a clue what he's talking about, but that doesn't stop her falling head over heels for him.

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Tracy Morgan In First Emotional Interview Since Horrific Car Crash Last Year

Tracy Morgan

Making his first public appearance since being involved in a devastating car accident nearly 12 months ago, Tracy Morgan fought back the tears as he opened up about his experiences in a television interview.

Morgan recounted his memories of the accident and the battles he has fought to overcome his injuries in an emotional exchange with Matt Lauer on NBC’s ‘Today’ show. He appeared with his attorney Benedict Morelli, and told the audience “I can’t believe I’m here”.

Tracy MorganTracy Morgan and wife Megan Wollover in 2013

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Tracy Morgan Settles Undisclosed Sum With Walmart Over Crash

Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan and others injured in a crash with a Wal-Mart truck last year have reached an out-of -court settlement with the company for an undisclosed sum. Morgan, who stared in the TV show 30 Rock, was badly injured in the collision though comedian James 'Jimmy Mack' McNair was killed.

Tracy MorganTracy Morgan has agreed to a settlement with Wal-Mart

The terms and conditions of the settlement were undisclosed and all parties had a strong joint interest in keeping the information confidential.

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Top Five Review


Chris Rock has essentially written and directed a film based on one of his own standup routines, and the result is as hilarious as we'd expect. It's also a clever skewering of show business, from the difficulty of changing a public image to the never-ending intrusion of the press. But while the film is consistently smart and funny, it's also a bit of an inside joke, taking on an industry that's so absurd that ridiculing it might be too easy.

Rock plays Andre Allen, a former comic who found international fame playing a furry police officer in three Hammy The Bear movies. But now he wants some respect as an actor, so he has produced a serious period drama called Uprize!, about the 18th century Haitian revolution. On the day of the film's gala premiere, Andre grants an interview to New York Times journalist Chelsea (Rosario Dawson), who follows him around town as he runs errands both promoting the film and preparing for his heavily publicised wedding to reality TV star Erica (Gabrielle Union). Against his better judgement, he begins to drop his guard with Chelsea, introducing her to members of his family and inviting her to his bachelor party, which is being staged for Erica's show.

The film's one false note is the whiff of a romantic-comedy as Andre and Chelsea begin to open up to each other. Fortunately, Rock allows this to merely simmer in the background as he gets on with his wicked commentary about life in the entertainment industry. The dialogue is packed with pithy observations, sarcastic gags and knowing jabs that could only come from someone who has lived (and survived) this crazy lifestyle. Even more interesting are the darker undercurrents. Andre is a recovering alcoholic who isn't sure he can still be funny now that he's sober.

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Tracy Morgan Crash - Wal-Mart Settle $10 Million On Children Of James McNair

Tracy Morgan

The children of comedian James McNair have reached an out of court settlement with Wal-Mart. McNair, known as Jimmy Mack, was killed on June 7th 2014 when a Wal-Mart employee, driving a company truck, caused a traffic accident involving six cars. The $10 million settlement will be split between McNair's two children, 19-year-old Danita and 26-year-old Jamel.

Tracy Morgan
Tracy Morgan was injured in the same traffic accident in which James McNair was killed.

Read More: Tracy Morgan "Fighting to Get Better" After Sustaining Brain Injury In June Crash. 

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Chris Rock Reveals 'Top Five' Is Closely Modelled On Real Life Comics

Chris Rock Cedric The Entertainer J.B. Smoove Tracy Morgan Rosario Dawson Gabrielle Union

Chris Rock's latest movie 'Top Five' is about a comedian trying to make it big in the world of serious acting, while his personal life is thrust more and more into the public eye. If you think that doesn't sound too far from any American comedian's real life, you might be right.

Chris Rock at the 'Top Five' premiere
Is Chris Rock playing himself in 'Top Five'?

While well-known for his TV show 'Everybody Hates Chris', his voice role in the 'Madagascar' films and for his stand-up shows, it seems that Chris Rock hasn't had too much trouble with success in his career. However, he still maintains that his character represents damn near most black comedians' lives. 'I play a guy named Andre Allen; a comedian, actor, kind of famous, a cross between Chris Tucker, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Kevin Hart, Eddie Murphy - like an amalgamation of all of us and whatever people think of us', he reveals.

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Tracy Morgan "Fighting To Get Better" After Sustaining Brain Injury In June Crash

Tracy Morgan

Although it has been over five months since Tracy Morgan was involved in a fatal car accident in June, when a Walmart tuck allegedly caused a six-car pileup on the New Jersey Turnpike, which resulted in the comedian being severely injured, he is still struggling to recover.

Tracy Morgan
Morgan suffered a severe brain injury in the fatal car crash five months ago

Following the crash, Morgan remained in intensive care at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital for two weeks, and was then transported to a rehabilitation facility for a further three weeks to receive treatment after suffering a broken nose, broken ribs, and undergoing emergency surgery to repair a broken femur. However, Morgan also suffered a severe brain injury and it is unknown if he will be "the Tracy Morgan he once was," his lawyer said Tuesday (Nov 18th).

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Top Five Trailer

Andre Allen has been voted the Funniest Man in America in his illustrious career as a stand-up comedian. But somehow, he feels there's more to life than just telling jokes to an audience and so he decides to venture into the world of acting, playing the lead role in the 'Hammy The Bear' cop movie series. Unfortunately, that kind of film isn't going to land him any series roles in the future, and with his reality star fiancee Erica begging him to let her air their forthcoming wedding on her show, he's really starting to feel like the A list isn't where he's ever going to be. In a bid to rediscover himself, he lets a journalist into his life to write a story about him, raising some harsh questions about his career and his future along the way.

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Tracy Morgan Pictured Using Wheelchair, As Lawyer Reveals He May Never Perform Again

Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan has been pictured in a wheelchair outside his New Jersey home as he bravely continues his recovery following his June 7th car accident. Speaking after the pictures were published, Morgan’s lawyer, Benedict Morelli revealed the “jury’s still out” as to wether the comedian will ever perform again.

Tracy MorganThe '30 Rock' star is recovering from the June 7th crash

In the photos obtained exclusively by the New York Daily News, Morgan is seen surrounded by family as he inspects some landscaping work that had been completed on his property. His lawyer Morelli told the News, “This is the way he is now, he has to use the wheelchair anytime he’s out and about.” Adding, “He can’t do that many steps. He’s still unsteady. He has this head injury, and his leg isn’t totally better yet. He has to struggle to inch along.

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Tracy Morgan

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