Broadcaster Andrew Marr has left hospital, almost two months after he suffered a stroke, reports the BBC. The 53-year-old, who was taken ill on January 8, 2013, is still recovering and will continue his rehabilitation via a physiotherapy regime from his own home.

The respected journalist is best known for BBC One's Andrew Marr Show and Radio 4's Start The Week. He hopes to "recover privately," and is expected to return to work grilling politicians later this year. A BBC spokeswoman said: "Andrew Marr left hospital earlier on today and continues his rehabilitation at home with his family..He says thank you to all the wonderful nurses, doctors and physiotherapists at Charing Cross hospital [in west London] who have looked after him so well." 

Marr, who is married to the journalist Jackie Ashley, joined The Independent in 1986, later becoming its editor. He joined the BBC as political editor in May 2000 and has presented a number of history programmes and published five books. 

He was born in Glasgow and began his career in journalism on The Scotsman newspaper in 1981.

Watch Andrew Marr Interviewing Oliver Stone: