Irish GUNS N' ROSES fans have been left out of pocket - they will not receive refunds after the rockers initially cut short their recent Dublin show.
The Welcome to The Jungle stars kept fans waiting for an hour before taking to the stage on 1 September (10) and then played for just over 20 minutes before storming off after concertgoers booed them before hurling water bottles.
The protests infuriated frontman Axl Rose, who told the crowd the band would be "going home" if any more bottles were thrown.
Minutes later another missile hit a bandmate and the singer led a walk out.
Many fans immediately left the venue, convinced the gig was over - but Rose and his bandmates returned to complete the concert an hour later, and now promoter Denis Desmond has ruled out refunds for those who went home.
He says, "Once people stopped throwing items, Guns N' Roses returned onstage and performed their full set list of songs, so the issue of refunds does not arise."