Review of Broken Silver Single by OX

Broken Silver

OX Broken Silver Single

As some of us have seen Liam Gallagher grow through Oasis and have heard his distinctive vocal soooooooouuuuuuuuuunnnnnnndddddddddd, I have often wondered what he would of sounded like at the ripe age of 14. Well I think that ya man on lead vocals from OX has the vocal sound of a very young Liam Gallagher. After saying I could be totally off the mark with this one, but it's like listening to these guys, I feel the influences range from Oasis, The Charlatans and Supergrass (mid 90s). If I am totally off the mark then whoops, I am not sorry cause what's wrong with sounding like any of the three bands mentioned?

It's one of those songs, which you like, but your not happy with that!!! You want to hear more. If that is the case with you as well as me, then the band have done partly what they set out to do! Get us to buy more records.

Mark Moore

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