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'A Perfect Day' Madrid photocall

Jaume Roures, Tim Robbins, Melanie Thierry, Fernando Leon de Aranoa, Olga Kurylenko, Benicio Del Toro and Fedja Stukan - 'A Perfect Day' Madrid photocall at Casa de America - Madrid, Spain - Friday 14th March 2014

The Zero Theorem Review


Lively and imaginative, this raucous adventure-drama recaptures the ramshackle futurism of director Terry Gilliam's 1985 masterpiece Brazil, throwing a lonely guy into a series of events that get increasingly surreal. And while we never lose interest, the plot seems to fall apart about halfway in, circling around itself and the pungent themes that ooze through every scene.

The central figure is Qohen (Waltz), a genius who feels like life has lost its meaning. He hates the corporate mentality at Mancom, where both his manager (Thewlis) and the computer system drive him nuts. Then after a chance encounter with the big boss (Damon), he's given a new assignment to work at home crunching numbers to prove the Zero Theorem. Everyone is vague about what this theorem is, but Qohen likes being away from the office. But now he's distracted by the seductive Bainsley (Thierry), who puts on a sexy nurse outfit and lures him into a virtual reality environment. He's also assigned 15-year-old computer nerd Bob (Hedges) to keep his system up and running. Or maybe everyone is spying on him.

The central theme is the search for meaning in life, which is echoed in Qohen's inability to feel, taste or properly experience anything. And the theorem itself turns out to be an attempt to prove conclusively that everything is meaningless. This allows Gilliam to deploy his vast imagination in every scene, with a flood of corporate and religious imagery, suggestive innuendo and topical gags about free will in a society that values making money at the expense of actually living. All of the actors grab on to these ideas, adding comical physicality and knowing humour to each scene. 

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The Zero Theorem - Trailer And Feaurette

In a flamboyant, futuristic universe, Qohen Leth works as a computer hacker desperate to uncover the meaning of life. He appears to suffer from a range of conflicting phobias and his eccentricity forces him to stand out to the formidable Management who enlist him to try and crack the most fundamental formula of mankind history, the Zero Theorem. Meanwhile, he is waiting desperately for an important phone call that will reveal to him the purpose of human existence. But as he absorbs himself deeply with his own work at the dilapidated chapel he calls home, he finds himself repeatedly distracted by Management's teenager son Bob and a stunning blonde seductress named Bainsley who was specifically hired by the dictatorial authority. Qohen's sanity is frequently tested as it becomes more and more clear that the Zero Theorem is trying to tell him that all is for nothing.

'The Zero Theorem' is a vibrant sci-fi drama set in an almost Orwellian dystopian future. It has been directed by the Oscar nominated Terry Gilliam ('Twelve Monkeys', 'Brazil', 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail') and written by Pat Rushin ('No Ordinary Sun' short) in his full-length screenplay debut. It has already caused a stir having won the Future Film Festival Digital Award at the Venice Film Festival and it is set to be released in the UK on March 14th 2014.

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Picture - Melanie Thierry, Paris, France, Thursday 24th November 2011

Melanie Thierry - Melanie Thierry, Paris, France - at the Lancel celebration of '135 Years Of French Legerete'. Thursday 24th November 2011

The Heir Apparent: Largo Winch Trailer

Nerio Winch is a self made multi billionaire. While relaxing on his yacht one day he is pulled to his death by a scuba diver who had been lying in wait. Nerio's death throws his company into financial distress, as Nerio apparently has no living heirs to carry on the business.

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The Princess Of Montpensier Trailer

In 16th century France, wars were raging between the Catholics and the Protestants. Heiress Marie de M'ziSres is forced into marriage by her father, the Marquis de M'ziSres to a man she has never met, Prince Philippe de Montpesier. Marie refuses at first, because she's in love with her handsome childhood friend, Henri de Guise.

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Picture - Josephine de La Baume, Raphael... Cannes, France, Sunday 16th May 2010

Melanie Thierry - Josephine de La Baume, Raphael Personnaz, Gregoire Leprince-Ringuet, Bertrand Tavernier, Melanie Thierry, Gaspard Ulliel Sunday 16th May 2010 at Cannes Film Festival Cannes, France

Melanie Thierry
Melanie Thierry

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