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Picture - Lauren Ambrose - New York... New York City New York United States, Wednesday 25th February 2015

Lauren Ambrose - New York premiere of USA Network's 'DIG' at Capitale - Red Carpet Arrivals at Capitale - New York City, New York, United States - Wednesday 25th February 2015

Lauren Ambrose

Grassroots Review


There's a terrific sense of righteous anger in this scruffy comedy about disenfranchised people shaking American politics to its core. But the film plays it far too safely, dealing lightly with important themes while refusing to take a real stand on anything. It also never makes the most of its likeable, fully invested cast.

Based on a true story, the film is set in 2001 Seattle, where long-time buddies Phil and Grant (Biggs and Moore) are both unemployed journalists. When Grant decides to run for city council, Phil helps with the campaign. Grant's main passion is public transportation, which he sees as a social justice issue since it's what allows lower-income people to work and improve their lives. And his counter-culture approach makes him stand out opposite the unruffled incumbent (Cedric). On the other hand, Phil's girlfriend Emily (Ambrose) starts to worry when Grant's campaign becomes a centre for frat-boy antics, including rather a lot of pot-smoking. But this populist approach is like a breath of fresh air to voters.

Watching these no-hopers take on a well-oiled political machine is pretty inspirational, especially when the characters have so much raw charm. Biggs is superb in the central role, grounding even the most chaotic scenes in earthy honesty. By contrast, Moore feels a little overwrought as the hyperactive Grant, which makes us wonder why anyone would take him seriously. Although he nicely brings out Grant's inner resolve. And both Ambrose and Cedric add complex layers to their rather thinly written characters.

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Picture - Lauren Ambrose and Guest , Saturday 25th February 2012

Lauren Ambrose and Independent Spirit Awards - Lauren Ambrose and Guest Saturday 25th February 2012 27th Annual Independent Spirit Awards at Santa Monica Beach - Arrivals

Wanderlust Trailer

George and Linda are the ultimate urban couple. Living in New York, they both lead hectic lifestyles and are used to running into the bonnet of a taxi on a regular basis (don't worry, they always walk away unscathed). One disadvantage of their fast paced jobs is their tiredness in the evenings. Whenever George and Linda plan on having sex, they find themselves falling asleep on each other.

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Where The Wild Things Are Trailer

Watch the Alternative Trailer for new Spike Jonze Movie Where The Wild Things Are

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Picture - Lauren Ambrose New York City, USA, Monday 11th February 2008

Lauren Ambrose Monday 11th February 2008 Women's Expressive Theatre 2nd Annual Love Benefit held at the Angel Orensanz Foundation New York City, USA

Lauren Ambrose
Lauren Ambrose
Lauren Ambrose