As the saga with Lamar Odom's drug problem stretches on and on and on, the latest development to emerge from all of this is mess is that after apparently lashing out at his father for bad mouthing the Kardashians on Twitter, the troubled baller's friends are claiming that Lamar never wrote the tweet in the first place. Lamar supposedly wrote a long, angry tweet directed at his father in which he called the Kardashians his only family, but his friends, speaking with TMZ, said that this outcry is bogus, and Lamar had nothing to do with it.

Lamar Odom arrested
Lamar apparently did NOT write the angry tweet. But who did?

Lamar's father, Joe Odom, reportedly said in an interview on The Wendy Williams Show that the Kardashians "don't give a f*ck" about his son, and blamed Lamar's current problems, including his drug use, squarely on them. In response to this, Lamar took to Twitter to say, "How can a man who has NOT once called me to check on my well being have the nerve to talk so recklessly about his own 'son'. He is my downfall!"

Lamar them went on to blame his father, who has also struggled with drug problems, for being absent for most of his life and went on to call the Kardashians his "only family."

Lamar Odom
Lamar may not make his return to basketball if this saga continues any longer

Yet this angry and personal tweet couldn't have come from Lamar, his friends claimed to TMZ, because Lamar has an irrational fear of the internet. Apparently, Lamar has been staying in a resort that doesn't offer internet, a purposeful move, and even before his life began spiralling out of control, he would be weary about using the internet anyway. The sources speaking with the website went on to claim that whenever they did visit his home, he would impose a '15 second rule' on people using their phones, and would even confiscate people's phones at times. They went on to claim that because of his absence from the web, Lamar has no idea about his father's comments, or the tweet he allegedly wrote about him. Of course, this weariness with the internet doesn't really explain why he has a Twitter account in the first place.

In lieu of Lamar's supposed response to his father's comments, Joe Odom has since apologise for what he said, telling TMZ that the Kardashian clan are a "wonderful family," despite what he previously said. He went on to say that when he was accused of having been a heroin addict, he flipped, and turned on the Kardashians as a result. Joe went on to tell TMZ that he believes that his son is clean, and the demons the press are reporting on are fictional. Anyone else still not sure what's going on?

Khloe Kardashian Lamar Odom
Khloe and Lamar are still believed to be separated