Chris Brown is happy about Karrueche Tran's new relationship.

While Chris, 23, dumped the model to get back together with Rihanna, he is happy that she has now reportedly moved on with NBA star John Wall as he only wants the best for her.

A source told HollywoodLife: ''Chris wishes Karrueche all the best. Who she's with isn't really any of [his] business. He isn't hating on her for moving on and finding someone she wants to be with and love. Everybody deserves to be happy - no doubt - even Karrueche and trust me, he wants her to be happy.

''He don't know who she's dating, that isn't his business. If Karrueche wants to tell him, that would be on her. He isn't about to go fishing for it.''

Although they are no longer together, friends say Chris will always be there for Karrueche.

The source added: ''He got mad love for Kae and he supports her no matter what. That's his girl, not like that, but he got mad love for her and supports her choices.''