It wasn't all celebratory at the after-party for the 2017 Bet Awards last week. Caught on video was Chris Brown and Migos' security teams engaging in an all-out brawl, with two other big time rappers also getting caught up in the sudden violence.

Chris Brown at the BET Awards 2017Chris Brown at the BET Awards 2017

Witnesses at the scene on Sunday (June 25th 2017) described seeing a member of Chris' entourage starting a fight with someone from Migos' crew, according to TMZ. Given the size of the crowd, that meant a lot more people ended up getting involved including DJ Khaled and Future.

From what we can see, the fight seemed to spill out in the parking lot outside of the party venue but it didn't look as though anybody was seriously injured. In fact, it doesn't seem like anyone has been arrested either. Apparently it all started when one of Chris' team shoved into Quavo from Migos.

Fortunately for Chris Brown, he didn't throw any punches himself (thanks to the number of people holding him away from the melee as can be seen in the clip) so he doesn't have another assault to add to his growing string of criminal offences. 

It wasn't the best end to the night for Migos, however, who won Best Group at the BET Awards ceremony and tied with Chance the Rapper featuring Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz for Best Collaboration with Lil Uzi Vert for their track 'Bad And Boujee'.

It also wasn't the only altercation the rap collective got into that night. They also apparently had a bit of a verbal squabble with rapper Joe Budden, who ended an interview rather abruptly and dropped his mic on Offset, walking off with a scowl on his face as DJ Akademiks (who was also interviewing) praised the group.

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Well, at least they managed to take home a couple of gongs - even if they made enemies at the same time.