Carrie Underwood kissed a 12-year-old fan on stage.

The 29-year-old singer saw a young boy named Chase holding up a poster asking her if she would be his first kiss.

Responding to his request, Carrie asked the boy up on stage at the gig in Louisville, Kentucky, and said she would fulfil his request.

She said: ''How we gonna do this?''

Chase responded: ''Lip to lip?''

Carrie joked her husband Mike Fisher was in the crowd, but then said Chase was the ''smartest kid ever'' and said she would do it.

After the quick peck on the lips, she said: ''That's the only time that is ever going to happen!''

Carrie has previously joked her marriage to hockey player Mike was not ''normal'' because of the fact she is away performing so much.

She said: ''He'll probably try for the rest of his life to really understand it. It's still a life to be honest, it's just the life that I lead. I know it's not normal, so we both have our moments when we have to try and figure things out.''