Review of No Devolucion Album by Thursday

No Devolucion is Thursday's sixth full length studio album. Having now established themselves now as a post-hardcore force to be reckoned with, they return with very much more of the same.

Thursday No Devolucion Album

Fast to the End, the album's opening rampage comes in all guns blazing with dissonant and edgy guitars and galloping rhythms. This is Thursday as you know them. No Answers, one of the bands' best songs in recent years, is a slow burning build up, but eventually it bursts out majestically into a trademark Thursday hook. There are the usual descriptive, expressive and brilliant lyrics, but there is no real new ground covered.

Elsewhere on the album, Empty Glass shows a mellower keyboard driven side of the band. It is a welcome break from the more punishing moments on the record.

No Devolucion then, is perhaps best summed up by recent single Magnets Caught in a Metal Heart. It is a brilliant, trademark Thursday song. The vocals soar and the guitars bounce off each other while the drums rattle along in their own pounding rhythm. However, as good as it is, for Thursday, this all seems a little bit like they played it safe this time.

Ben Walton

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