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O.J. Simpson (born 9.7.1947)
OJ Simpson is a former American football player. Although he was famous for his sporting achievements, he gained notoriety when he was accused of murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, her friend.

Childhood: OJ Simpson was born in San Francisco, California. His parents were Eunice and James 'Jimmy' Lee Simpson. They separated in 1952. OJ has one brother, Melvin Leon 'Truman' Simpson and two sisters, Shirley Simpson-Baker and Carmelita Simpson-Durio.

OJ attended Galileo High School, where he played for the school football team, the Galileo Lions. He later played for the Junior All College American team for the City College of San Francisco.

Athletic career: OJ Simpson gained a scholarship to the University of Southern California, for his athletic ability. He played running-back for the University team between 1967-8. In 1967 he ran for 1451 yards and scored 11 touchdowns. Again, in 1968, he led the nation, running 1709 yards.

Simpson was a key player in what is regarded as one of the greatest American football games of the 20th century. Starring in the 1967 USC vs. UCLA football game, his 64-yard touchdown run in the 4th quarter tied the game.

The next year, he won the Maxwell Award and the Walter Camp Award as well as the Heisman Trophy.

OJ Simpson fared badly in his early NFL career. He played on struggling Buffalo Bills teams and only averaged 622 yards for his first three seasons. His first 1000+ rush remained elusive until 1972. The next year, he set a record at 2003 yards: the first ever player to push the 2000-yard mark.

In 1985, OJ Simpson was inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

On-Screen Career: Simpson gained a number of successful movie roles in films such as The Cassandra Crossing and The Towering Inferno as well as The Naked Gun trilogy. He also featured in the successful mini-series Roots.

Simpson was also known for his appearances as a commentator for Monday Night Football and The NFL on NBC. Other presenting roles saw him hosting an episode of the popular TV show Saturday Night Live.

Personal Life: Simpson married Marguerite L. Whitley in 1967. They had three children together: Arnelle (b.1968), Jason (b.1970) and Aaren (b.1977). Tragically, Aaren drowned in a swimming pool at the family home just before her second birthday. Marguerite and OJ were divorced in 1979, just months after the incident.

OJ Simpson's second marriage was to Nicole Brown, in 1985. Nicole and OJ had two children, Sydney (b.1985) and Justin (b.1988). The couple divorced in 1992. In 1989, he had been charged with domestic violence against her and pleaded no contest.

In 1994, Nicole was murdered, along with her friend Ronald Goldman. Originally, OJ was charged and tried for the double murder. However, he was acquitted of all criminal charges in the now infamous trial. The jury's decision was televised on 3.10.1995.

A civil court case in 1997 found Simpson guilty of the wrongful death of Goldman and the battery (and, effectively, the death) of Brown. Simpson was made to pay $33,500,000 in damages. Under Californian law, pensions are protected from being used to pay such charges, so in effect, Simpson maintained much of his previous lifestyle, due to the pension he earned from the NFL.

A number of further court cases occurred that were directly linked to the killings. Among the most significant: Goldman's father took Simpson to court to obtain control over his 'right to publicity'; in March 2007, Simpson was ordered by a judge to keep his financial spending to 'ordinary and necessary' living costs.

It has been reported that Simpson owes $1,435,484.17 in unpaid taxes to the State of California.

In a case unrelated to the previous murder trial, Simpson was involved in a police investigation into an armed robbery at a hotel-casino. The incident occurred in September 2007 when a group of men entered the building and stole some sports memorabilia at gunpoint. OJ was arrested and held without bail. He was charged with criminal conspiracy, kidnapping, assault, robbery and using a deadly weapon. On November 27 he pleaded not guilty to all counts. OJ was arrested in January 2008 for violating the terms of his bail by contacting a co-defendant.

In 2014, it was reported that Simpson had gone on a hunger strike in jail in a bid to end his life after apparently succumbing to depression.

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Prison Guard Claims Khloe Kardashian Once "Begged" O.J. Simpson To Take Paternity Test

Khloe Kardashian OJ Simpson Kris Jenner

A prison guard assigned to the jailed O.J. Simpson has claimed that he once overheard Khloe Kardashian “begging” the disgraced former NFL star for a paternity test.

Khloe, 31, has long faced speculation that she could be Simpson’s love child with Kris Jenner. Now, however, a man named Jeffrey Felix has added fuel to the rumours by claiming he overheard a conversation between the pair from the prison where Simpson is serving a 33-year sentence for armed robbery.

Khloe KardashianKhloe Kardashian in June 2016

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Robert Shapiro Reveals What O.J. Simpson Said To Him After He Was Acquitted

Robert Shapiro OJ Simpson

Robert Shapiro, the famous American lawyer who formed part of O.J. Simpson’s legal team in the notorious double-murder case of 1995 dubbed ‘the trial of the century’, has revealed what his client told him after he was acquitted.

The 73 year old was interviewed by Megyn Kelly for Fox News on Tuesday evening (May 17th), and revealed some details about what happened after Simpson was declared a free man. “’You had told me this would be the result from the beginning’,” Shapiro recalled the former football player told him, “you were right.”

Robert ShapiroLawyer Robert Shapiro pictured in May 2015

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Kris Jenner Will 'Always Feel Guilty' Over Nicole Brown Simpson's Death

Kris Jenner OJ Simpson

Kris Jenner has said she will ‘always feel guilty’ over the death of her friend Nicole Brown Simpson in 1994. The mother of Kim Kardashian was close friends with Nicole Brown and was interviewed as part of Lifetime’s new doc, ‘The Secret Tapes of The O.J. Case: The Untold Story’.

Kris JennerKris Jenner says she will ‘always feel guilty’ over Nicole Brown Simpson's death.

"At the end of Nicole's life, I think she finally was at a place where she knew she had to be more vocal with what was going on and she was in trouble,” Jenner said. “The one thing she would tell all of us by the time, you know, it got to that level was, 'He's going to kill me and he's going to get away with it.’”

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Kim Kardashian On Her Sex Tape, Caitlyn Jenner’s Secret & Briefly Living With O.J. Simpson

Kim Kardashian Kris Jenner Kanye West Caitlyn Jenner OJ Simpson Glastonbury Festival Ray J

Kim Kardashian has revealed some pretty juicy details about her life, including discovering Caitlyn Jenner’s secret, her father’s relationship with O.J. Simpson and how Paris Hilton responded when Kardashian’s sex tape was leaked. Kardashian discussed these aspects of her life during an interview for the cover of next month’s Rolling Stone magazine. They’ve released a few excerpts of the interview before the issue is released on Friday (3rd July).

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian revealed some interesting details about her life in a recent interview with Rolling Stone.

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David Schwimmer Joins 'American Crime Story: The People V. O.J. Simpson' Cast As Robert Kardashian

David Schwimmer Sarah Paulson Cuba Gooding Junior OJ Simpson Kim Kardashian

Ryan Murphy To Create Yet Another FX Anthology Series, 'American Crime Story', Focussing On O.J. Simpson

OJ Simpson Kim Kardashian

American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy is set to develop another anthology series for AHS' network FX, entitled American Crime Story

Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy created American Horror Story and Glee.

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OJ Simpson Isn't Serving Life, So Why Is He Trying To End His Own?

OJ Simpson

OJ Simpson has been on a hunger strike in jail for at least five days after he said "I used to live my way, and now I'm going to die my way," according to sources via The Daily Mail. The 66 year-old year-old former American football star is serving a 33 year kidnapping, assault and robbery sentence in a Nevada with the possibility of parole in 2017, nine years into his sentence.

OJ Simpson
OJ Simpson Is Currently On A Hunger Strike In His Nevada Jail.

However, Simpson, who was famously acquitted of the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ronald Goldman in 1995, is reportedly feeling so depressed that he has expressed a wish to "just sit down in a corner and die." Apparently, a motivating factor for Simpson's suicide is his desire for his millions to be passed down to his four children, as he's worried they won't see it.

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O.J. Simpson Party In Jail - Disgraced Footballer Enjoys Super Bowl Party On The Inside

OJ Simpson Beyonce Knowles

OJ Simpson might be locked up in jail but that posed no problems when it came to enjoying the Super Bowl. Simpson apparently had a bit of a party in his cell whilst the big game was on and a whole bunch of his inmate buddies (and an inmate with a TV is going to have a LOT of buddies) crammed into his cell to watch the Super Bowl.

According to the New York Post, who spoke to his non-inmate producer pal Norman Pardo, Simpson hosted a football-viewing gathering in his cell at Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada. He’s serving a 33 year sentence in there, for kidnapping and armed robbery and according to Pardo, he’s one of the few inmates to actually own a television. “If you have the money, you can buy a TV at the inmate store and put it in your cell,” Pardo explained, before adding “He’s like the Godfather of the prison now.” No word on whether or not Simpson enjoyed the half time show from Beyonce, but as a retired professional football player, we’ll bet he enjoyed the big match, though we expect, a little enviously.

Pardo is apparently hoping to sell a movie about Simpson, entitled Unpromotable, which, as the name may suggest, is all about Pardo’s efforts to rehabilitate Simpson’s public image, after his acquittal of murder back in 1995. “It shows what it’s like to promote the most unpromotable man on the planet,” Pardo explains. 

O.J. Simpson Taxes Reach $515,017: Why Does He Refuse To Pay Up?

OJ Simpson

O.J. Simpson, taxes. Two things that seemingly do not go hand in hand. We're not sure who the footballer-turned-criminal's accountant is, but they need sacking immediately. He may still be behind bars, but Simpson appears to think that he can stop paying his taxes. Subsequently, the IRS has slapped another lien on him.

According to TMZ.com, a federal lien filed in December stated Simpson failed to cough up $17,015,99 for the year 2011. Uncle Sam has previously filed a lien for $179,435,07 for the years 2007-2010 and the State of California say O.J still owes $318,566,04 for the year 2000. All this means his tax debt total is an incredible $515,017,10!  It's probably worth remembering that he still owes around $33.5 million to the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman too. He was acquitted of their 1994 murders after a lengthy and hugely publicized criminal trial, however, a civil court awarded a judgement against O.J. in 1997. He has paid little of the huge financial penalty incurred for their wrongful deaths.

In September 2007, Simpson was arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada and charged with felonies including armed robbery and kidnapping. He was found guilty and sentenced to thirty-three years imprisonment with a minimum of nine years without parole.

O.J. Simpson Taxes Take Centre Stage In Fresh Case

OJ Simpson

O.J Simpson’s Taxes are under scrutiny, after, in the year 2000, he failed to pay over $300k in taxes to the State of California according to a new lien filed against him, TMZ have learned.

The site had previously obtained documents, which showed O.J. failed to pay nearly $180k in federal taxes from 2007 through 2010 while in prison. This has all culminated in an owed bill of $318,566.04 in unpaid taxes from the Millennium; this is all according to documents recently filed by the State of CA Franchise Tax Board, and on top of the millions owed to the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman for causing their deaths. Simpson is still locked up for kidnapping, armed robbery and other charges from a 2007 Las Vegas incident. O.J. Simpson's taxes are apparently not a top priority for the 65-year-old former athlete, actor and television producer. He is serving a minimum nine years without parole out of a thirty-three year sentence. However, there may be some good news for the athlete.

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