Review of Good Times 30 Album by Norman Jay

London born pioneer Norman Jay is back with another 'Good Times' session and this time it's #30. It's a great testament to the 'soundsystem' street energy that blast out to the conscious spirit of the UK. Sir Norman Jay is the don of all of that, and certainly educates us to the positive vibrations that makes up the 'Good Times' set.

Norman Jay Good Times 30 Album

The ranges and scope of music coming through England is an education and Sir Norman kept close to many a pulse for a long time now. It's definitely evident in his set lists. 'Good Times 30' takes straight to the Northern Soul pulse that uplifted many in Great Britain. A nice touch from contemporary upcoming soul star Avery Sunshine with 'I Got Sunshine' fits in brilliantly to the set. In fact, as you'd expect from a 'Good Times' set, there's a range of eclectic tunes that roll on comfortably, leaving us feeling content. We always learn from Norman and he always manages to include plenty of aural treats that either remind the listener of something, or provoke the mind, a skill only the great collectors know how to pull out of the bag. It's a real treat!

'Good Times' 30 is class! Personal highlights include: The Basement Khemist, Dante, The Detroit Experiment. Listening to this set reminds one where the source is coming from. Certainly with Norman Jay you're going to get tunes that bring cultural diversity together, but what makes Sir Norman so 'lordy' is that it takes a certain class to find rare gems like this and combine them into a fantastic set. Yet another 'Good Times' party!

Tareck Ghoneim

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