Review of Submission EP by Holy Esque

Glaswegian four piece Holy Esque have exploded onto the scene with their new EP 'Submission'. The band have set their stall out to be something different, to have a sound that is hard to compare with other artists. The question is, has 'Submission' done that?

Holy Esque Submission EP

It seems to be so. What can you say about this EP apart from the high standard and quality of songs? Everything just falls into place and the band have maintained the standard with this record that they had with their self-titled EP. The music just gets the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end along with Pat Hyne's gravelly, harrowing vocals.

Trying to pick a song out of the four that you can say is the stand out song is damn near impossible. 'Fade', 'Gulf', 'Strange' and 'Thrones' are all brilliant in their own right. In short, we want to see a Holy Esque album sooner rather than later.

It seems like Scotland have got something in their waters because it's their bands that seem to go outside the box. Holy Esque are the most exciting band to come from the North of the border since the likes of The Twilight Sad and Glasvegas. They mark a refreshing turn in the music industry; that the tides turning again with guitar bands elevating themselves back to the top where they belong.


Mark Moore

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