Review of All The Pieces Album by Mark Chadwick

There are some bands out there that you remember and love, you don't go out to see them live but every time that you hear them on the radio you immediately start humming or singing along to the track, but if it came up in a quiz question to name a band member or lead singer could you? For most of us the answer would be no you couldn't. Levellers are just one of those bands.

Mark Chadwick All The Pieces Album

Well just so you know Jeremy Cunningham, Charlie Heather, Simon Friend, Jonathan Sevink, Matt Savage and Mark Chadwick are the members that make up the band that is the Levellers and out of those names for those that didn't pick it up Mark Chadwick is the lead singer of this band.

Where all this is leading to is Mark Chadwick's first solo album and the question is what he has to offer as a solo artist? We know from his past that his vocals on anything always sound very welcoming whether it be a happy 'let's all get drunk song' or an aggressive 'I'm going to have you' track, with Chadwick it sounds happy and welcoming. The first track 'Elephant Farye' is a typically upbeat but not in your face track played with an acoustic guitar, it's easy to imagine this song being sung around a campfire. Chadwick sounds like he has stripped everything back, started all over again, and has decided not to plug in anything. Yes the Carbon footprint is looking that little bit better thanks to Mr. Chadwick.

Some of these tracks are reminiscent to the mighty Pogues with the quirky melody ballads; it's as if we potentially have England's answer to The Pogues and this has all come out with Chadwick going solo. 'Satellite' breaks the mould a little as the plug has been found and an electric guitar and the amp has been switched on yet the song does have its place and fits on the album, strangely this is followed by the most mellow song on the record if you are driving and you are starting to feel tired skip this track. No 'Seasons' is not an awful track it is that mellow and chilled out that an enjoyable 'snooze' warning must be given! Sometimes the music may sound upbeat but once you take in the lyrics they have a dark side, somehow that doesn't matter, just give 'Indians' a listen and you will understand.

Mark Chadwick just owns one of those voices that grab you and tantalizes your ears, he could be singing to you that he is going to murder you and you wouldn't notice because you are mesmerized. Mark Chadwick is one lead singer who has gone it alone and certainly doesn't look out of sorts.


Mark Moore

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