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Kanye's Stage Invader At Glastonbury Breaks His Silence

Kanye West Lee Nelson

The stage invader who interrupted Kanye West’s headline set at Glastonbury at the weekend has finally broken his silence. As you probably already know, the perpetrator was English comedian Simon Brodkin, masquerading as his on-stage persona Lee Nelson.

Brodkin, who has wrote and performed in the comedy series ‘Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show for two seasons on BBC Three from 2010 to 2011, took to Twitter to post a picture of himself wearing a self-made ‘Lee-zus’ T-shirt and holding a fake microphone, standing next to a slightly perturbed Kanye during ‘Black Skinhead’.

This all went on for fewer than 10 seconds, before Brodkin was quickly intercepted by a security guard and dragged from the stage. While Kanye took it in his stride, he was distracted enough to quickly re-start the song before moving on.

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Lee Nelson's Failed Attempt To Fly With The England Team To Miami

Lee Nelson

Simon Brodkin, better known by his comedy personas Lee Nelson or Jason Bent, attempted to snag a free trip to Miami with the England football team as they fly out to prepare for the World Cup in Brazil later this month.

Lee NelsonLee Nelson nearly managed to make it onto the England plane

He dressed himself up identically to the squad with his matching grey suit, and even had his passport in hand ready to board the plane. But those eagle-eyed security bods soon spotted the irregularity and escorted him away from the official team bus at Luton Airport, the England players looking on with a mixture of bewilderment and delight. 

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Latitude Festival 2013 Announce Initial Line-Up

Posted on19 March 2013

Latitude Festival 2013 Announce Initial Line-up

Chained Review


Filmmaker Lynch (daughter of David) knows how to push our buttons, using misogynist violence to keep us uncomfortable right through this contained, stylish thriller. But she also cops out on taking a more challenging approach to such contentious material, never properly exploring the bond between a kidnapper and hostage. So even though the film is involving and harrowing, it lets us down by falling back on movie cliches.

Shot in rural Saskatchewan, the film opens as Sarah (Ormond) takes her young son (Bird) to the movies. But on their way home, the taxi driver Bob (D'Onofrio) instead drives them to an isolated house, where he murders Sarah and turns the boy into a chained-up slave he calls Rabbit. Years pass and Rabbit (now Farren) reaches his late-teens, so Bob lets him study physiology to pass on his "trade" of kidnapping, torturing and killing young women. He also gives Rabbit a bit of freedom, brings a girl (Leslie) home for him to practice on, and takes him out to hunt. But has Rabbit really adopted Bob's murderous ways, or is he plotting something of his own?

The best thing about this film is the taut psychological tension between Bob and Rabbit, which is sharply portrayed by D'Onofrio and Farren. D'Onofrio underplays Bob as a quietly precise man who lives in squalor but keeps every variable under control. He's a killer, but D'Onofrio never turns him into a psychopath, even when we see somewhat hazy flashbacks of his own brutal past. So we can sympathise with Rabbit's feeling that Bob is the only family he has, and Farren's clever performance is an intriguing bundle of cowering fear,  malnourished physicality and sharply intelligent glances.

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Celeste And Jesse Forever Review

Very Good

With its refusal to follow the usual romantic-comedy formula, this snappy and observant movie is a nice surprise. Not only does it keep us wondering about where it's heading, but it gives the likeable Jones and Samberg much more complex roles than they usually get to play. And the quirky approach combined with some darkly dramatic moments makes it more interesting to watch.

Jones and Samberg play the long-time couple Celeste and Jesse, who have been together since they were in school. Now married for six years, they're starting to wonder if maybe they're just best friends, rather than a couple. So they decide to separate. The main issue seems to be surfer-artist Jesse's lack of ambition but, when he begins to move on with his life, Celeste starts wondering if maybe she's the real problem. Even so, they're still completely involved in each others' lives, which is awkward for their friends Beth and Tucker (Graynor and Christian). Maybe they need some distance.

The film's perspective centres on Celeste's messy journey, which is a bumpy series of conflicting emotions. She works as a lifestyle critic, so her comments on pop culture are hilariously barbed, but as her personal life dissolves she retreats into annoying pot-fuelled wallowing. It's often not easy to watch her, but Jones gives a ruthlessly honest performance that's both funny and disturbing. Her sideplots with her gay boss (Wood), her low-life drug dealer (cowriter McCormack) and a bratty popstar client (Roberts) are nicely played but only tangentially developed.

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How Embarrassing! Lee Nelson Almost Arrested For 'Nickin' His Own DVD'

Lee Nelson

During a comedy TV stunt to promote his new stand-up DVD, Lee Nelson almost ran into bother with a PCSO when he ran out of a HMV store clutching a copy of it while being chased by a fake policeman.

It must've been fairly embarrassing for the Community Support Officer when he grabbed the comedian, real name Simon Brodkin, thinking that he was helping out the pursuing cop in a real shoplifting chase when in fact it was all just a stunt filmed prior to a signing session at the Oxford Street HMV store. Lee was chased by a pretend policeman through the store and on to the street while he repeatedly shouted, 'You can't nick your own DVD!'. Onlookers looked shocked though slightly amused, but the funniest thing about it all was that neither Lee or the actor told the real PCSO that it was just a stunt until they had struggled their way back into the store. Luckily, when the officer realised it was all a joke, he looked a little red-faced but seemed to see the funny side as he laughed and took to his radio to report the false alarm. 

Not everyone laughed about it though; one shopper complained that he thought it was 'disgusting' and 'cheap', according to The Sun. 'The PCSO was just doing his job and it was quite a dangerous situation. They were wrestling in the middle of the road, there could have easily been an accident', he said.

Comedian Lee Nelson Chased By Police After Stealing His Own DVD

Lee Nelson Al Murray Jason Manford

Comedian Lee Nelson, real name Simon Brodkin, ended up scuffling with police on London's busy Oxford Street after pretending to steal one of his own DVDs. Christmas shoppers looked on as Brodkin tussled with a community support officer who wrongly believed he was shoplifting.

The whole situation was confused by the fact that a man dressed up as a police officer was part of Nelson's in-store signing. A spokeswoman for the comedian told the Huffington Post, "He was doing a signing for his DVD at HMV in Oxford Street, and as a treat for his fans he 'stole' one of his own DVDs, then was chased around the store by an actor dressed up as a police officer.. Somehow they ended up out on the pavement, where a real police community support officer got involved, thinking it was a theft taking place. Shoppers were looking on and buses were stopping, it was all very dramatic." Brodkin is a former doctor who quit his promising medical career to pursue work as a stand-up comedian. He's since appeared on Lee Nelson's Well Good Show and has written for the likes of Jason Manford and Al Murray. After Wednesday's incident, he said, "How can you get arrested for nicking your own DVD? Mr Loophole lawyer, if you're reading this, get me off and I'll sort you out with the 20 other DVDs I took."

Lee Nelson is currently performing on his live tour, which calls at Swindon tonight (November 22), before heading to Newport, Worthing, Guildford, Hayes, Basingstoke, Exeter, Glasgow and Southend. 

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Chained Movie Review

Filmmaker Lynch (daughter of David) knows how to push our buttons, using misogynist violence to...

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With its refusal to follow the usual romantic-comedy formula, this snappy and observant movie is...