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16th July 2014

Quote: "I had always gone out with guys who were highly successful, which would seem like it would put me at an equal level. But what ends up happening is that one of you becomes smaller - and it was always me. It's always the woman. I mean, I don't know if it's always the woman, but I do think sometimes in order for one person's light to shine, everyone else has to dim theirs." Singer Sheryl Crow never felt like an equal in her high-profile relationships with stars like Eric Clapton, actor Owen Wilson and disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong.

8th June 2014

Quote: "I was as shocked as anyone, but I personally think that you make the choices you make and you should reap the consequences. That is exactly what you deserve." Actress Kate Hudson shares her thoughts on the doping confession which cost her ex-boyfriend, cyclist Lance Armstrong, his seven Tour de France titles, and the steroids scandal which threatens to end the career of another former lover, baseball star Alex Rodriguez.

13th September 2013

Quote: "People still keep asking me about him. It's such a stretch for me because it does feel like a past life. It has such little relevance to my life now - in fact, zero relevance... I haven't seen him in years... It feels like a lifetime ago really, honestly." Sheryl Crow wants to stop talking about her former fiance, shamed cyclist Lance Armstrong.

25th July 2013

Fact: Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong is to be the subject of a new documentary directed by Alex Gibney, best known for his torture film Taxi To The Dark Side. The Armstrong Lie will feature footage from the sportsman's failed comeback in 2009 to his admission of doping in 2012.

8th July 2013

Fact: Shamed cyclist Lance Armstrong has announced plans to compete in the Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa later this month (Jul13) in what will be his first big ride since confessing to years of illegal doping in a candid Tv interview with Oprah Winfrey earlier this year (13). The sportsman was stripped of his seven Tour de France wins and banned from professional cycling for life last year (12) following a widespread investigation by officials at the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency.

23rd January 2013

Quote: "I know how hard he worked to win those titles, and you know, it was hard to watch (his interview with Oprah Winfrey)... I felt bad for him, I felt bad for his family and I kind of felt like the rest of America. He is a hero we watched and looked up to and admire. It's gotta be hard walking around knowing you're not telling the truth about something." Singer Sheryl Crow was devastated to hear her former fiance, shamed cyclist Lance Armstrong, open up about the doping scandal which cost him his seven Tour de France.

18th January 2013

Fact: Oprah Winfrey’s exclusive interview with disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong set new weekday viewing records for the Tv titan's Own network. The first part of the chat, which aired in America on Thursday (17Jan13), served up 3.2 million viewers - just shy of the 3.5 million who tuned in to watch Oprah's Sunday night interview with members of Whitney Houston's family in March, 2012. In the Armstrong special, the sportsman confessed to taking illegal substances to enhance his performance in cycling races.

15th November 2012

Fact: Bosses of Lance Armstrong's charity have dropped the shamed cyclist from the organisation's name in the aftermath of his doping scandal. The Lance Armstrong Foundation will now officially be known as the Livestrong Foundation. The athlete, 41, stepped down from his role at the charity after he was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and banned from competitive cycling for life.

22nd October 2012

Fact: Retired cyclist Lance Armstrong was formally stripped of his seven Tour de France titles on Monday (22Oct12) by officials at the International Cycling Union following a report which accuses him of doping. Armstrong, who denies the allegations, has also been banned from the sport for life.

26th November 2009

Quote: "It was amusing. He'd be riding with you, and you would think you were kicking butt, before realising he's on the phone and riding with both hands free." Comedian Robin Williams on exercise sessions with his pal, cycling champ Lance Armstrong.

11th September 2009

Quote: "I do loads of road cycling. Wearing Lycra to look like Lance Armstrong is my buzz." Spandau Ballet star Gary Kemp has secret sporting ambitions.

18th June 2008

Fact: Athletic champion Lance Armstrong has peddled an estimated 250,000-300,000 miles in his 20-year-long career as a competitive cyclist.

12th May 2008

Quote: "It's so humbling, I try to ignore it." Lance Armstrong is humbled by the prospect of being portrayed by actor Jake Gyllenhaal in a rumoured biopic of the Tour de France winning cyclist.

15th February 2008

Quote: "Having been in a relationship with maybe the world's most well-known cancer survivor, that was irony." Sheryl Crow on being diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after splitting from her fiance Lance Armstrong. The cyclist overcame testicular cancer in 1996.

22nd December 2007

Fact: Robin Williams, cyclist Lance Armstrong and musician Kid Rock staged a Christmas (07) show for U.S. troops in Kabul, Afghanistan on Thursday (20Dec07).

15th December 2006

Fact: Cyclist Lance Armstrong's nickname for pal Matthew Mcconaughey is "the redneck Buddha."

16th October 2006

Quote: "I'm actually in those shots, but you can't see me because I'm three miles behind them." Comedian and avid cyclist Will Ferrell on why there aren't shirtless photos of him biking with Lance Armstrong and MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY.

25th August 2006

Quote: "I was the first person to wear one... They were just starting to build a campaign." Sheryl Crow boasts about being the first to sport one of ex-fiance Lance Armstrong's famous yellow 'Livestrong' bracelets.

7th July 2006

Fact: Bob Dylan helped cheer Sheryl Crow up after she split from cyclist Lance Armstrong - he sent his musical pal a bunch of flowers.

25th October 2005

Quote: <p>"My life changed in so many ways when I met LANCE - he reminds me everyday that the day I'm living right now I can't get back." Rocker Sheryl Crow coos about fiance Lance Armstrong. </p>

26th September 2005

Quote: <p>"We're finishing this house in Austin that has a piano in it so I hope to use it." Cyclist Lance Armstrong hopes to learn to play the piano when he moves into his new Texas home with fiancee Sheryl Crow. </p>

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