Review of Daydream Album by Katherine Jenkins

Katherine Jenkins: the Welsh lady with a voice of an Angel, there is no doubt at all, but who also possesses a heart of a lion. She has fought against her former record label Universal and openly criticized them for rejigging her old work and releasing yet another album in her name. Katherine releases her new record 'Daydream' and has announced a twenty five venue tour with the same name sake. This should avoid any confusion on which album the fans should be buying.

Katherine Jenkins Daydream Album

Do not think that this is Katherine Jenkins trying to line her own pockets; she does actually have her fans' interests at heart. She states that everything her former label is releasing is all old stuff, but 'Daydream' is her new material and that is what the fans should receive. 'Daydream' is the new album (in every way possible) and Katherine has put her usual smooth, clean, crisp vocal stamp on this album. Not only that, she has also added a bit of her heritage 'Lord Divine (Hyfrydol)' (and you don't know how difficult it was to type that bloody word), Katherine is true to where she is from and the song is truly magical.

The one thing that this album misses is a stand out track that really takes your breath away, but to be fair sometimes it is not until you have heard something live before it make you tingle or grabs you.

Where would we be without 'Abigail's Song' from Doctor Who after her guest appearance on the show, which from the show you don't actually get to appreciate its beauty? Listening to 'Abigail's Song is like being in the perfect dream and the intimacy of this song just showcases what a talent Katherine Jenkins voice really is.

There are some opera singers out there that are OK - like your Russell Watsons of the world - but there are people like Andrea Bocelli who, when they sing, all the hairs on your body stand on end. Katherine has that same gift. What would it be like if these two did a duet?


Mark Moore

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