Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt was left floored by footage pal Emily Blunt captured on her camera phone during her brief stint on the set of last year's (11) The Muppets - because it featured his puppet heroes just hanging out.
The Dark Knight Rises star recently taped a spot on kids show Sesame Street and to get him ready for his big performance, his Looper co-star showed him a little magical footage.
He explains, "The Muppeteers never stop, they don't break character and when it's in between takes and you're just waiting around... she (Blunt) showed me this footage of Kermit and Rowlf just waiting... and Rowlf was on a BlackBerry... The Muppeteer was sitting there manipulating Rowlf so that he was, like, on his BlackBerry, and then you hear the AD (assistant director) say, 'OK Kermit and Rowlf...' and they perk up and kind of get into character... I think it's awesome."
And the actor had the same experience when he teamed up with Muppet Murray for the Sesame Street segment.
He adds, "You start running lines with just the puppeteer... and then he puts his hand inside that guy and all of a sudden you're talking to this red-haired monster and he stays alive. It's like working with an actor... You forget that there's a hand inside the guy."