Review of The Light Of The Sun Album by Jill Scott

Heavyweight soul act Jill Scott is back with her fourth album as a solo artist with 'The Light Of The Sun'. Certainly anyone in the neo soul world, hip hop and lovers of spoken word, will have heard of Jill Scott, as being one of the queens in this game, winning numerous Grammy's, co-writing serious tunes and having one of the best voices in the business, it's hard to ignore Jill Scott. Growing into a mother and gaining experience as a successful artist, it's always nice to hear a new slice of Jill Scott, but does she still shine in the light of day?

Jill Scott The Light Of The Sun Album

Well the simple answer is YES! It surely must be a difficult feat to be able to keep producing quality tracks to the standard of some previously exceptional recordings, however, it's brilliant to hear the hunger and creativity of an exceptional artist, still singing her heart out and experimenting in the soulful realms of expression that Jill Scott does so gracefully continues, firmly establishing neo soul as still relevant in the music industry.

At first I thought 'The Light Of The Sun' started quite lightly and gradually got bigger and heavier. Don't get me wrong there's some classic tracks to start with like released singles 'Shame' featuring Eve & The A Group and 'So In Love' featuring Anthony Hamilton, but it's just when we get to 'So Gone (What My Mind Says)' featuring Paul Wall, that the album gets the punch that I relate to with Jill Scott, to put her back to that winning formula of her debut. After more listens I began to realise that this fourth album does flow with a roundness that works and with a maturity and coolness to certify Scott with more album to follow. There are some other great tracks like 'Making You Wait' and 'Until Then (I Imagine)'.

Jill Scott continues to write great records and 'The Light Of The Sun' is no exception. I think it would be pretty difficult to top her debut 'Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1' from a fans point of view, but there are some great tracks to listen to, play out and some progressions of her own unique expression. Overall she's staying true to her source, with great production, musicianship, quality song writing and no doubt her amazing voice is still inspiring any soul lover. She is indeed still shining from the sun and beyond. Class!

Tareck Ghoneim

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