Jake Bugg made a live return playing Shoreditch's Village Underground in a series of London compass shows. On My One made a dark and moody start to a 13 song set from the 22 year old. The track pinpoints Bugg's loneliness and relentless touring while being on the road. The frank lyrics showcase Bugg's great ability as a songwriter since his self-titled debut release in 2012.

Jake Bugg

The first half of the set saw a slower pace with Simple as This, Country Song and A Song About Love fitting for the cathedral'esque setting. The singer's vocal is raw and easily reaches the back of the venue. 

A highlight of the performance was new single Gimme the Love. The song received a great reception from the audience with its quick-paced and fast lyrics it's juxtaposed from On My One (also featuring on Bugg third studio album released June this year.) Gimmie The Love is a confident and cocky sound from the Nottingham born singer sounding in true form of Bugg's signature style. 

The first of four London shows, the musician kept audience interaction at a minimal with no stopping between tracks. Towards the end of the set saw firm favourites Slumville Sunrise and Two Fingers played proving why Bugg has become one of the most aspiring young musicians the UK has ever produced.