Review of Nights Like This EP by Icona Pop

'Nights Like This', the latest release from Swedish synth-pop duo Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo, better known collectively as Icona Pop, opens with its title track which starts with a big electronic beat, eighties-tastic with layers of synths and electronics that push forward into a catchy chorus. In the infectious electro-pop stomp of this opening track, Icona Pop sound like what La Roux could've been if she had a bearable voice; like a female duo of synth-pop master producer Frankmusik. Underpinned by a Daft Punk-like fuzzy synth bass riff and funky groove, the electronic accompaniment of 'Manners' is perhaps more dominant than it's melody, but, despite it's apparent lack of balance, the track definitely has a confident swagger to it, however, sounding more of a mainstream pop chorus, 'Lovers To Friends' follows as the least distinctive and individual track s on the EP.

The EP's concluding track 'Sun Goes Down', which features The Knocks, opens with a foreboding synth line announces a feel that captures the alternative rock menace of Muse, especially with arpeggios darting up and down above the low fuzz, and simultaneously the synth-pop confidence of Lady Gaga. In terms of the accompaniment, the bass triggers the groove and an almost reggae-esque synth feel follows with offbeat chords punctuating the fuzzy bass melody, whilst vocally 'Sun Goes Down' contrasts the low menacing male vocals of the Knocks with Icona Pop's higher, more melodic vocals. With 'Sun Goes Down' Icona Pop have saved the best until last offering a much more rounded, fuller blend and more in the way of interest and variety.

Icona Pop Nights Like This EP

Hannah Spencer

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