In Operation
DVD Review

Live music videos are a bit like porn movies – All very well if that's your bag but it's no substitute for the real thing...All that bouncing up and down, screaming and sweating, flesh against flesh in pounding rhythmic motions - You've got to love the mosh pit. It's just a shame that on DVD it never quite translates.

As live videos go though, In Operation is very good – How could it not be? – Hard Fi are a great band with great songs. And on this video you'll see a performance that gobs in your face then stares you down with an old-style, new wave f**k-you attitude - I don't know much about the 'Fi but they definitely sound Hard.

'In Operation' makes you want to experience the tribal hedonism you see on screen for yourself. To feel the buzz you only get a sense of by watching this. To buy a ticket before the next tour sells out the way this one did.

But even if you're the kind of voyeuristic individual who likes it hard, at home, on your own, then you're going to love this – A well shot, atmospheric gig, loads of extras including a bonus CD: enough for you to pleasure yourself pretty much indefinitely…

Go on…treat yourself!

David Murphy