Review of Better Do Better Single by Hard-Fi

Better Do Better
Single Review

Hard-Fi Better Do Better Single

Surely the last push for the band's chart-topping album, this is the fifth single to be lifted from Hard-Fi's fantastic "Stars Of CCTV" debut. Richard Archer and his merry men have enjoyed a phenomenal campaign and they show no sign of losing grip on the momentum, as they play their biggest UK gigs to date in May, and are lined up for some of the summer's biggest festivals.

"Better Do Better" is a bitter, near violent, and vitriolic ode to a former girlfriend wanting to get back together. The hard-hitting lyrics paint a picture that most will be familiar with, and it's this quality that has made Hard-Fi so popular – but it has to be said that this 'single version' has absolutely butchered the song. Do yourself a favour, go get the album, and check out this and all the other fantastic anthems on it.

Alex Lai

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