Review of Can't Get Along (Without You) Single by Hard-Fi

Can't Get Along (Without You)
Single Review

Hard-Fi Can't Get Along (Without You) Single

Staines' favourite songs must be pretty satisfied with life at the moment; their critically acclaimed second album, "Once Upon A Time In The West", rocketed to the summit of the chart and it was coupled by the announcement of their biggest tour to date. This release if the follow up to the Top Ten hit "Suburban Knights".

Going someway to shedding their image as one trick chav-rockers, "Can't Get Along (Without You)" is an addictive, swaggering R'n'B flavoured track that tells the tail of coming off the rails. Take blasts of guitar, graceful strings and a smattering of bells and brass and the result is a triumphant number that should have arena crowds swaying with delight. The radio edit makes a slight censorship on Richard Archer's dirty mouth, but without making enough difference to spoil what is a highlight in their catalogue of anthems.

Alex Lai

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