Review of Nothing But Our Love EP by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

From the brightly coloured patchwork artwork and their frankly odd band name, Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr give the first impression that they're going to sound like a bold, brash electro pop offering, but on listening, it's much more of a pleasant surprise. A kind of chilled, electro-flavoured floaty indie-folk-pop in the vein of Young The Giant, a more lo-fi Death Cab For Cutie and a tamed Vampire Weekend, Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr's opening track 'Nothing But Our Love' sounds a refreshing fusion of guitars and synths layered over carefully chosen beats. The remainder of the EP sounds the same blend; not over produced or complicated by a multiplicity of layers but is instead stripped down yet confident and comfortable.

'Skeletons' opens with a lo-fi nylon strung electric guitar and tambourine over which echoing vocals sound. It's a bare sound to start with before more layers are gradually introduced, including suggestions of vocal counterpoint reminiscent of the Beach Boys; yet somehow the blend still maintains that stripped-back, simple vibe. Similarly, 'An Ugly Person On A Movie Screen' sounds almost a Hot Chip type feel with vocals over precision beats and minimal harmony; it's a chilled out vibe like a kind of electro-infused Fleet Foxes.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Nothing But Our Love EP

Finely exemplifying the notion that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover; comfortable yet refreshing.

Hannah Spencer

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