The widow and the girlfriend of late Barry White are currently engaged in a fight over the fortune he left behind. White's lover, Katherine Denton, has filed a law suit against his widow, Glodean James who is currently in control of the star's estate. White and Denton had a daughter together, the one-year-old Barianna.

Despite separating from his wife of two decades several years before his death, White and James never actually divorced. As White never left a will, his multi-million dollar estate automatically passed to his wife. 

In the lawsuit from Denton, she alleges that White promised that she could continue to live in the life of luxury with the expensive gifts he had given her, "including a Chow, a Rolex and a Lexus". She continued to say that White had told her she would have enough money to live off for the rest of her life and could continue to live in their house in Los Angeles.

Denton's lawyers stated that White often referred to her as his fiancée despite his marriage to James. The lawyers stated that "This suit is nothing more than a process of fulfilling Barry's expressed intentions and promises."

07/12/2003 21:07