Phil Spector - Phil Spector's Daughter Details Harrowing Prison Visits

Phil Spector's daughter has written a harrowing account of visiting her father in prison, detailing the "dismal" conditions and her fears the incarcerated music mogul is wasting away behind bars.

The 73-year-old producer is serving 19 years-to-life in jail for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson in 2003 and he is being housed at the California State Prison, Corcoran in Coalinga, California.

Spector's daughter, Nicole, has now revealed she dreads her visits to the medium-security facility as she hates seeing her father in such a bad way.

In a piece for Britain's The Times, she writes, "I know there aren't enough blankets in prison. I know there's no heat... My father... didn't kill anyone. Neither of us is supposed to be here... Each time I see him, he looks thinner, wispier. I'm scared he'll disappear."

The 30 year old admits she stocks up on junk food from the prison's vending machines for her dad to make sure he is getting enough to eat: "As soon as I get into the actual visiting centre, I rush to the vending machines to select meals for my dad. I usually blow the whole $50 we're allowed to bring in then and there. It's a wonderful feeling watching all that food drop down, knowing it will go into my father's body, nourishing him. And I'm excited to eat with him, no matter how dismal the environment, no matter how grim the mood... These times with him are one of the closest things I have left to what it was like with him at home."

Nicole also reveals she now goes months without visiting her father after suffering a panic attack during her last trip to the prison.

She adds, "The last time I visited was nine months ago, a fact that makes me feel anxious and ashamed. I feel I should be there every weekend."


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GPSpector's picture


I do believe this case was based on a terrible accident that should never have happened and as a result, left a talented actress (Lana Clarkson) dead and my father to serve time for the crime, from what I understand, he still denies any involvement in. I do not believe he will ever be free of the harshest part of his incarceration until he can come to terms with what happened and I say the same for my Sister. In this article, I do not understand why she did not just put the money on our fathers books so that if he is hungry, he could buy the food he wants when he wants it. I am really tired of these "pity me" articles that seem to be written for my father. Every last one of them (either from Nicole or Rachelle, his wife), make statements that when I check, refer to things that just can't happen or there are far smarter things they could have done. I followed this case and my only gripe is how poorly the Defense team was and still is. They were to work in his best interest and all they did is work hard to see the worst possible outcome was achieved. The credit for that can also fall on his wife, for all the stupid stunts she did during the trial. I guess, being older than both my sister and his wife, I am able to see things as they really are. I can only hope the time comes soon when they both can do the same. I just find it odd, with all the pity they seem to try to get from everyone else, neither one of them has ever tried to reach out to any of the sons for help or advice and have only tried to keep the door between myself and my twin brother closed with our father, even before the trial even started.. If they feel alone in their endeavor, it’s because that’s what they did to themselves on their own. I can’t have pity for them choosing to put themselves where they are within themselves. I just wish they would not bother others with all this.

1 year 1 month ago
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Lozzi's picture


Although we try to have sympathy for Nicole, Spector's daughter, on the fact that her father is in prison for life, we CAN"T. Her statements are insincere, damaging and insulting. Spouses and siblings with murderers for relatives are usually in a spin denial. For her to say that he doesn't belong there and didn't kill anyone is ridiculous and proven untrue in a court of law with overwhelming forensic evidence that this foul mouthed gun abusing psychopath, new exactly what he was doing the night he tortured and murdered the beautiful spirit and friend that was Lana Clarkson. Yes Nicole, he does belong there to protect society from monsters like him. Your statements that he is cold and hungry are also exaggerated. In fact he is isolated with his own room and special treatment medical care due to his drug addiction and failing health. In fact we are investigating why he is still getting this special treatment after 4 years in prison. Edward Lozzi, Lana Clarkson's former publicist, long time friend and spokesperson for The Friends of Lana Clarkson

1 year 2 months ago
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